Reflecting over the year and establishing goals that matter

*This post includes affiliate links that allow me to be compensated by your purchase and pardon me if the post seems scattered, my recap of the year and whatever God has dropped on me for the days to come just kinda dumped on this page. Just come with me…


For the next 31 days I’m digging into the truth of our first book study of the year She Reads Truth: Holding Tight To Permanent in A World That’s Passing Away .

BUT FIRST, here’s where I am.


On the last Friday of the year, I spent several hours gathering tools to get organized, to clean out closets and declutter my brain…

I mumbled to my daughter that I still needed a verse to meditate on and she spouted “JAMES 1:3 OR 1:5” I looked at her and said  really? She laughed and jokingly assured me that she had no idea what it said… YALL!!!!!!

“For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed you will be perfect and complete needing nothing. If you need wisdom, ask our generous God and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking” (New Living Translation)

Today has been filled with lots of reflecting, praying, crying, wondering, praying, praising and more crying.

 Overwhelmed by God’s grace this year and the way He made sure I knew who He is, was and always will be. Overwhelmed by all of the things He let me do and all of the stuff He protected me from, including myself. As I’m slowly working through the Lara Casey’s #2017goalsetting series my heart is flooded with so much reassurance that the only things I need to be concerned with are the things that matter most in God’s eyes and I can rest in knowing He always has an answer; even if He needs to use my kids. I have my word for 2017 and I can’t wait to see how He unfolds it. For sure James 1:3-5 is a great jump off point!!!!
Ok. So I’m ready to step into the new year with the focus of my heart that anything is possible. I’m willing to get raw and honest and recognize that I’ve been rationalizing some things with God and my heart was harboring some emotional junk that started weighing me down. Over the next 31 days I’m going to be detoxing my mind, body and spirit to flush out the toxic stuff that I have allowed in. Stuff like too many lazy days, too much sugar and coffee, too much comparison and too much fear. I’m also realizing that somewhere I got really comfortable with the amount of exercise I was doing (or not doing) and I realized I can’t even do a push up like I use to. I’m sure that somewhere my body needed rest that it hadn’t seen in a long time and then I got comfortable in the rest.
SEE, this is why balance is so important to being healthy.
Ok, so, My ONE WORD for 2017 is ESTABLISH

My mentor says if you answer a call on your life and you’re so afraid of it that it makes you want to throw up, you’re on track with Gods plan.

 My greatest desire is to see people healthy from the inside out. And that is risky. It’s risky because it means me being honest, transparent & crazy vulnerable sharing my story that I haven’t always been healthy and there are parts of me that are still being repaired.

 Brokenness aside, Jesus offers me wholeness and I WANT IT ALL.

 Not just for me and my family.

 I want whole for you, and you and yes you; the one who’s heart is set on making sure the world knows how unbroken you are by shouting about your freedom & proving your worth & seeking their approval.

 With open hands, a surrendered heart and scared out of my mind (Romans 12 & James 1) I’m walking into 2017 to own what God has already done & claim the victory for the battle that has already been won.

 Cheers to punching fear in the face and being who God calls you!

 2017 is all about helping us ESTABLISH better health, better goals and wholeness inside and out.


Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines ESTABLISH as

ESTAB’LISH, verb transitive [Latin stabilio; Heb. to set, fix, establish ]

1. To set and fix firmly or unalterably; to settle permanently.

I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant. Genesis 17:7.

2. To found permanently; to erect and fix or settle; as, to establish a colony or an empire.

3. To enact or decree by authority and for permanence; to ordain; to appoint; as, to establish laws, regulations, institutions, rules, ordinances, etc.

4. To settle or fix; to confirm; as, to establish a person, society or corporation, in possessions or privileges.

5. To make firm; to confirm; to ratify what has been previously set or made.

Do we then make void the law through faith?

God forbid; yea, we establish the law. Romans 3:31.

6. To settle or fix what is wavering, doubtful or weak; to confirm.

So were the churches established in the faith. Acts 16:5.

To the end he may establish your hearts unblamable in

holiness. l Thess.3.

7. To confirm; to fulfill; to make good.

Establish thy word to thy servant. Psalms 119:90

8. To set up in the place of another and confirm.

Who go about to establish their own righteousness. Romans 10:3.

Yeah. My mind is kinda blown on that one…

So I decided to search the inneractive website for the word ESTABLISH to see what God may have already spoken to me about. Y’all I love the way He starts weaving stories!

And, here’s a few honest questions (from the PowerSheets goal sheet) I’ve had to ask myself in the past few days but I’m still working through. And if you’re willing, I’d love for you to join me in this. So, grab a pen and a journal and let’s workout…

  • What am I grateful for from this past year?
  • What didn’t work this year?
  • What did work this year
  • What lessons have I learned

Lara Casey put together for the 2017 Goal Setting Series. Y’all I highly suggestion you go through all of the steps!

Alright. That’s where I am. That’s what God is speaking to me right now and I’m stepping boldly into this space. If you want to come with me, let’s go. There’s a fitness and nutrition component to this because during January we’ll be on the Daniel fast with our church. Click here to register for this part of the challenge… You don’t have to but it might help you stop trying to be better and actually help you get better. I mean, for me 2016 proved that I spent a whole lotta time getting bitter instead of getting better. I’m just sayin… click here

Merry Christmas and happy new rear

So in the very best possible way of making Christmas gift giving feel overwhelming, I failed to post the 11th and 12th day of Christmas ‘gifts’ and what’s even crazier? We were traveling during the holiday and forgot a suitcase of gifts at home. BUT, that meant we had a huge opportunity to get all “here’s the true meaning of Christmas” with the kids or admit that we screwed up and remind them that they could have more Christmas when we got back. So we opted for the humility and the bonus Christmas.

First of all, my apology for not sharing the gifts.

Secondly, I have your gifts and an announcement to get you set up for your 2017 goals.


On the 12th day of Christmas my trainer gave to me… 12 free workouts so I don’t bang my head.



On the 11th Day of Christmas my trainer gave to me…


Permission to let the groove get in…





On the 10th day…The Rhythm of Grace and a dance party




9 days of Christmas distress flex and flow



Go grab your gifts from days 1-8

Friends don’t forget to join us for our annual January Challenge. Less Hustle More Heart.  Can’t we make progress without the overwhelm of competition, with more strength and less striving, more faith and less fear, more prayer and less perfection. The abundant life is a balanced life, stronger – from the inside out. Get the details and sign up here!


She Reads Truth: Holding Tight To Permanent in A World That’s Passing Away

(book description)

She wants faith, hope, and love.
She wants help and healing.
She wants to hear and be heard, to see and be seen.
She wants things set right.

She wants to know what is true—not partly true, or sometimes true, or almost true. She wants to see Truth itself, face-to-face. But here, now, these things are all cloudy. Hope is tinged with hurt. Faith is shaded by doubt. Lesser, broken things masquerade as love.

How does she find something permanent when the world around her is always changing, when not even she can stay the same? And if she finds it, how does she hold on?

She Reads Truth tells the stories of two women who discovered, through very different lives and circumstances, that only God and His Word remain unchanged as the world around them shifted and slipped away. Infused with biblical application and Scripture, this book is not just about two characters in two stories, but about one Hero and one Story. Every image points to the bigger picture—that God and His Word are true. Not because of anything we do, but because of who He is. Not once, not occasionally, but right now and all the time.

Sometimes it takes everything moving to notice the thing that doesn’t move. Sometimes it takes telling two very different stories to notice how the Truth was exactly the same in both of them.

For anyone searching for a solid foundation to cling to, She Reads Truth is a rich and honest Bible-filled journey to finally find permanent in a world that’s passing away.

We will begin our virtual book study beginning January 2 with our Annual January Challenge  so grab your copy now!

Ready for 2017? Why wait! Start establishing some goals by evaluating where you are right now! I’m using this 3 part GOAL SETTING series with Lara Casey to get me ready for the January Challenge!

Alright friends, that’s all for now… get your book, get your goals, get registered! Let’s set some intention for 2017 and finish this year focused!

-keep movin

Holiday Body Challenge: The Rhythm of Christmas

You quote it, print it out and hang it on your wall, buy a Tshirt and claim it as your anthem but until you sit with with the Holy Spirit and give him direct access to your heart you will not see the truth of his word come alive in you.

This my friend is what it means for him to qualify the called. #deeperstill

The qualification happens when we decide that we are done with the hustle and we sit with Him inviting Him into the secret space; the trenches of our hearts. Some of the very things we are praying about because we feel disqualified or unqualified; God is waiting and wanting to desperately make available to us. Once we allow Him into the space, He begins to reveal the things He has set aside for us. If He calls us, He qualifies us. Stop the hustle. Give it to God. Open your hand and chill out. It’ll undo the stress, it’ll unlock the tension, drops the competition, kills the striving and strife and eases the burden.

Matthew 11:28-30The Message (MSG)

28-30 “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Friends, take the rhythm and move. Keep your heart pumpin & spirit movin… #getinneractive





On the 10th day of Christmas my trainer gave to me

The Rhythm of Grace and a dance party





9 days of Christmas distress flex and flow



Go grab your gifts from days 1-8

Friends don’t forget to join us for our annual January Challenge. Less Hustle More Heart.  Can’t we make progress without the overwhelm of competition, with more strength and less striving, more faith and less fear, more prayer and less perfection. The abundant life is a balanced life, stronger – from the inside out. Get the details and sign up here!

Holiday Body Commitment: 12 Days of Christmas – Day 8 Connecting to Your Purpose


On the 8th day of Christmas my trainer gave to me an opportunity to unlock the desires of my heart, get unstuck and set some goals in spite of the fear that tries to declare my identity.

Let’s finish this year with a clear focus on the things that our heart truly cries out for. In this reflective message from our Weigh Less to Feed More class, we get a better understanding of the words of the promise in Psalm 73:26.  “My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

“We fear that we will fail ourselves once again, and with failure comes feelings of negative self worth. The other side of the coin is that we fear success. Fearing success happens when we are afraid of what it might cost us or of the expectations that we might place upon ourselves when we receive the desires of our hearts. There is fear of not getting what we want and fear of getting what we want. Now what?” – Alisa Keeton Weigh Less to Feed More

If we take a moment to recognize how far we’ve come and see that it’s because of His amazing grace (not our ability) that we can take a breath today; we wouldn’t be so quick to accept the invitation to dwell on what we don’t have.

Our scripture focus for week 4 of Weigh Less to Feed More is “My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

Here is your 12 Days of Christmas “gift” for TODAY:

Using this quote from WL2FM, this scripture and the lyrics to the song Broken Vessels, take a moment to reflect, journal, or share in the comments: what are 5 Heart Desires that fear of failure and/or success have misdirected you toward being stuck.


Reconnect With Your Purpose:  It’s no surprise that Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has been sought after since ancient times. The complex aroma of this oil can elevate many aspects of your life. Diffuse Young Living Frankincense oil to refine your sense of purpose or add it to your beauty routine for a luxurious experience.

Frankincense essential oil has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness. Create a safe and comforting environment when you diffuse or inhale this empowering oil—a perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts. When you seek purpose or engage in prayer or meditation, use this oil to enhance your experience.

In addition to elevated spiritual experiences, the benefits of Frankincense essential oil include maintaining radiant skin.

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  • Stress Away™ 5-ml








5 minutes of strong arms s-UPPER BODY STRENGTH

4 low impact dance moves with the GREATEST motivation to move! – STRESS AWAY

3 minutes of kickboxing – THE WILL TO FIGHT

2 drummers drumming – TENSION RELEASE

and an advent holy yoga for me – FOCUS & BALANCE


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Holiday Body Commitment: 12 Days of Fitness gifts for every need


If you’re just joining us, we’ve been on our journey to the manger  spending some intentional time moving our bodies and setting our focus on the Lord both in scripture and in honoring him with our WHY. In the spirit of the season and visiting the manger, we recognize that there were gifts brought to the king so we decided to bring you some gifts as you honor the King. We want to pause for a moment and make note of this y’all; we journey toward the manger but let’s not forget that the manger didn’t save us. The manager was the birthplace of the promise, the recognition that God’s word is true and that He will chose the most unlikely person, place and thing to bring forth His plans. Friends, we might just be the unlikely suspect of the fulfillment of His promise. We might just in the right place at the right time when we see His glory fall. We might just have the very thing in our possession that God needs to work a miracle. Don’t ever disregard what you have to offer the King. Today, let’s be intentional about what we present to the Lord.

We’ve put together a week’s worth of ‘fitness gifts’ to help you in your ‘giving’. Don’t forget to register for our GIVEAWAY which will be randomly drawn on December 24th!



SOURCE: YouVersion Bible App

SOURCE: YouVersion Bible App


Which Name of Jesus do you need in the circumstance you face today? Will you call on Him, trusting that He will supply your every need?

Father God, I thank You that Your Truth and Your power are greater than my difficulties, struggles, and tribulations. I thank You for sending Your Son for counseling, comfort, compassion, and love. I thank You that I can call on the Name of Jesus and He will respond. Lord, make my first response be the desire to call upon Your Name, no matter what I face. In Jesus’ name. Amen //Names Of God study #wonderfulcounselor #princeofpeace #GodWithUs



On the 7th day of fitness my trainer gave to me – CORE STRENGTH AND HIP MOBILITY




on the 6th day of fitness my trainer gave to me – SHOULDERS AND LOWER BODY




On the 5th day of fitness my trainer gave to me
5 minutes of strong arms s-UPPER BODY STRENGTH

4 low impact dance moves with the GREATEST motivation to move! – STRESS AWAY

3 minutes of kickboxing – THE WILL TO FIGHT

2 drummers drumming – TENSION RELEASE

and an advent holy yoga for me – FOCUS & BALANCE


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