I’ve always felt that if something continues to squeeze your heart to the point that you can’t keep quiet about it, God is trying to use you to do something huge. The War Room Movie was the wine press big squeeze on my heart. If you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT NOW!!!

Y’all it’s making HUGE waves, it’s rescuing people, it’s healing hearts right there in the movie theater and it’s become a vessel used to deliver a refreshing drink to some seriously thirsty souls. MINE INCLUDED.

I left the theater fighting tears (cried the entire movie) and I found myself looked around at faces, wondering what battles they were fighting, do they have a war room, do they even know they’re fighting, do they even know what fighting looks like, and the bigger question do they know how to win?

With a knot in my throat as I type this, at the risk of rejection, ridicule and mockery… I’m starting a virtual War Room Prayer Group!!! For you!

For the one who says, but you don’t understand I don’t have anywhere to pray, I don’t have anyone to pray with, I don’t know where to go of what comes next.

I’m making a space!

This is your space.

And this is your invitation.

Ladies whether you’ve seen the movie or not, here’s the thing, Satan wants nothing more than to rob you of your peace, your hope, your strength and your joy. He doesn’t want you to find focus, identity or purpose.

But Christ!!!! He wants you to be free from the burden of carrying loads you were never intended to carry!

Would you be willing to simply raise your hand and say yes I need this?

Could you be the one that keeps popping up in my spirit telling me to pray for that one? Is it you? Is it your kids? Is it your marriage? What? Whatever it is, it’s time to stop trying to fix it. It’s time to stop dressing it up in fancy clothes for attention, achieving goals for recognition, dating this man & that for affirmation! It’s time to learn how to fight to win not to just survive.

➕ If it’s you, I need to talk to you, fill out this form to be added to the email list or you can email me directly and I will get in touch with you with further information!


I’m coming along side of you to lift up your arms when you get weary!!


Why we need a war room

Here are a few quotes pulled from the War Room Movie that have resonated with me and truly propelled me forward to launch this Titus 2 discipleship outreach! Our mission is to always keep hearts pumpin and spirits movin: THIS y’all is HOW we get inneractive!!!


Victory doesn’t come by accident.” – Ms. Clara

Healthy Communication Is A Necessary Ingredient To A Healthy Family -“In order for this family to function we need to communicate.” Elizabeth Jordan (played by Priscilla Shirer)

When It Comes To Prayer Do Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment – Miss Clara tells Elizabeth, “Just because you argue a lot doesn’t mean you fight well.”

Prayer Brings Clarity To Your Role – Miss Clara continues, “My job is not the heavy lifting.  That is His job.”

Great Leaders Give People A Picture Of What God Can Do In Their Lives – Miss Clara concludes her challenge to Elizabeth by saying, “I see in you a warrior that needs to be awakened.”

Great Results Often Require Great Changes

***SOURCE: Quotes found in a list of 44 Leadership Quotes and Lessons War Room The Movie  



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