inneractiveGPS™ a 30 day adventure/excursion/getaway – helping you navigate the path toward God’s plans & purposes for your life.

Too often we make plans and invite God to notice them then bless them.
I’ve seen a ton of invitations & post preparing for the new year and everything we plan to do.

Set your intentions

It’s time to wipe the slate clean. To let go of the stuff that never moves us in the direction we need to move.

Time to forgive the people who have caused us to live in the prison of our own anger, shackled by guilt, shame, fear and rejection.

Time to give up those empty promises of magic numbers, “if only” & “as soon as I “…
Time to stop shouldin’ and start movin’!!!

Time to wipe the slate clean! Aren’t you ready to make that move?

What is it? Who’s it for?

In a nutshell, I’ve seen a ton of ups and downs and hit my head a few places that I really want to help women avoid. Additionally I’ve had some crazy cool opportunities come across my path that people have asked HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.

I know it was all God and I just want to help you open yourself up to the opportunities and success that God has set aside for you. Everything from making sure your social media presence and website reflect you verse a carbon copy of some blueprint of a model, to the way you present yourself in person matter. Most of it is a simple adjustment of our mindsets but within that we could fail to see opportunities that are smack dab in front of us simply because we don’t realize how qualified we really are.

In terms of cost, it’s $99 for 4 weeks. We’ll meet up via video once a week and between those sessions you’ll receive assignments to help you reset your focus and start adjusting the ‘way you do business’.

JANUARY 1 – 30… inneractiveGPS™ a 30 day FITCLUB FOCUS.

30 days of identifying, satisfying, restoring and redirecting!

30 days of purposeful progress – SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY!

30 DAYS of putting God first, seeking HIS best plan, ALLOWING HIM to lead you toward better health, better happiness, better “HOW”…