MOVE: Fit For Life


First let me tell you that my FOCUS is to make sure that you're eating what your body needs, that it 
doesn't become a rigid lifestyle that becomes a hinderance on your family and that you're able to make 
it lifestyle FOR your entire family.

Every body is different and every body needs to feed itself accordingly! 

Whatever you're eating everyday plays a role in how you feel. Coincidently how you feel everyday plays a role in whatever you're eating. 

I typically don't recommend counting calories or macros because it can become a crutch for some people almost creating a sort of box of legalistic "rules" which I've seen it create a back fire of an eating disorder. Instead my approach is to help you understand what the portions on your plate should look like and recognize triggers of satisfaction vs fullness. I'll help you identify the emotions attached to your eating habits and understand why eating on purpose rather than 
eating out of habit (which could be an unhealthy habit).

Now that you understand my approach let me know if you'd like to start with a basic one month plan to 
get you on track. 

I will help you find a fitness regimen that you will enjoy. Something that is easy to follow, working onYOUR body in a way that helps you to move the way you were created to move. 

My one month plan is $55.


4 pillars

  • Spiritual wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Nutritional wellness

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