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Welcome to the March Nutrition Month challenge!!!!

TASTE & SEE (Psalm 34) 

February was all about love. Lovin’ yourself stronger. Lovin’ your heart healthy! This month, we’re gonna love ourselves even more but now there’s gonna be a whole lotta movin’ goin’ on!

During the month of March, we’ll take 1 week at a time, shake some stuff off and sift through the junk in our trunk. Well, yeah that trunk too but actually it’s that trunk that holds all the stuff that you’ve decided to put away. It reeks of your past, it’s hidden away covered in cobwebs, potentially moth destroyed & moldy yet SOMEHOW it finds its pesky way back into our lives.

It shows up in our attitudes, in our offenses, on the scale, on FACEBOOK asking us to friend it!?!?!?!? OMG she did not just ask me to be friends with her, THE NERVE…oh I guess I shouldn’t have went there. Well, yes I shoulda cuz guess what, if the fact that she wants to be ‘friends’, even in the vitural-hood; makes me a bit testy, then there’s some mess I forgot to deal with.  Lysa Terkeurst  calls it “stink” I call it “STANK” now maybe I’m just talkin’ to myself here but I’ve caught myself maintaining a consistent STANK attitude at times before. But Bless God He ain’t finished with me yet!

So, you ready to get movin’?


There are 3 Elements of this challenge. You’ll receive very matter of fact, practical tools for you to use daily.

Get your heart pumpin (this includes what you eat) + get your spirit movin+ get inneractive = YOU only better

So Here’s how this works. Take these tools and do them, that’s all. The rest will happen!

  • Heart Pumpin: Figure out your fitness plan! I teach fitness classes, but in order for me to stay at the top of my fitness focus, I still need to train myself to train others. (1 Corinthians 9:27) So I will be doing this with you! Maybe you already have a fitness class/regimen you love – STICK WITH THAT – BUT if you still need to find a fitness class I can help you. If you’d prefer, choose one of the plans I’ve put together here.
  • Spirit Movin: You choose how you’re going to eat right! Seriously, I’m not going to make you do anything… if we did it that way, you wouldn’t enjoy it and you’d subconsciously find a way to undo it or create a list of go-to sabotage foods. Eat what you enjoy, just know how much you should be eating and which foods are most beneficial to you! Here’s a great place to start! Balance is my choice. Moderation is what keeps it together! Here’s a “Grocery List guide” we’ll be using this as a ‘go-to guide’!
  • Get inneractive: Throughout the month, you’ll receive motivational emails, video group discussions, and resources to keep you on track. I have some exciting things planned for this, I really hope to see you there!!! Fill out the form below to let me know you’re ready to “SHAKE IT OFF” so I can add you to the list. There is also a private facebook group I can add you to; just let me know if you want to be added, I will not add you without permission.

YOUR FOCUS: Figure out your inspired why: Why do you want to do this? To ‘Get Fit’, ‘Tone Up’, ‘Lose the weight’; what will it do for you? Set your specific measurable goals of what this looks like. Habakkuk 2:2-3 says write this vision down and make it plain, and wait for the promised EXPECTED reward, even though it takes a while – IT IS COMING!!!

  • Self-Affirmations: Print a few of these affirmations on an index card and have them on your dash board, desk/workspace, bathroom mirror
  • You CAN’T improve what you can measure: THIS IS MY inneractive PROMISE to you!!!!  I want you to get OFF the scale and use some other form of measuring your progress. You can get a tape measure and track your progress – body fat, hips, thighs and waist measurements. Get your favorite pair of jeans. Get a journal and make detailed notes of your emotional triggers each day! You are so much more than those numbers!!!! Write it down: Journal your food intake daily, better yet take a photo of your meals and post them on a public site or send them to me.


It’s time to MOVE!!!!


So what’s the plan? Like I just said, to move! Move and have fun with it!!!

If you’re a home-body or  joining a gym just isn’t an option, here’s a suggestion! 

+ Last but not least!!!

Build in NON FOOD rewards along the way to celebrate your “wins”. This works doubly well as it teaches you to find replacements for activities where food was the focal point.  Be sure to figure out what you will use for enjoyment in place of food.


So get movin’!

REMEMBER …March is National Nutrition Month… you are what you eat!

Very big portions make very little sense. (Philippians 3:19, Prov 16:32)

I LOVE FOOD and really good food makes me happy! It makes me even happier when it’s colorful, flavorful and does my body good.  We’re gonna ‘feed’ our bodies, soul and spirit everything that does it good, including the simple things like smiling and laughing.  LAUGHTER is good for the spirit, it’s like medicine to the bones!

Be willing to accept new information & apply it.

Continuing to do what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. STRATEGIZE when, where, what & who you need (people/food/stuff=seeds) in your life, to start lovin’ your best, let God take care of the how…and you’ll lose the rest! -keep movin

READY? Ok make it official buy reserving your spot for the TASTE & SEE accountability challenge.

COST? Honestly, this all depends on the level of help you need & are willing to receive.

Options: If you know that you need the help actually getting the workout in, eating better AND making sure that you actually stick with the plan, the FitCLUB ONLINE is your best option!!!