January Challenge

If you’re reading this you’ve at least considered joining the January Challenge and that is HUGE…oops we promise not to use words like that here…wait, seriously?

Listen. That’s exactly the kind of stuff we’re gonna tackle in this month’s challenge. This isn’t about tip toe-ing around anything.  Getting rid of the hot button triggers that send us on a self-sabotaging one-way road trip to nowhere. This is about facing it head on to get rid of this mess once and for all.

Mess” equates anything that has clouded your mind, brought about those ridiculous voices we tend to listen to and kept us from reaching our goals. I’m so excited about this challenge I can hardly wait to get started. In fact, why wait? Take some time and start putting together a list of the stuff you want to finally get rid of.

What’s this challenge about?


The FOCUS of the FIT-ness challenge is re-defining what we’ve been led to believe, feel, trust/distrust, crave, hope for and recognize. We’re gonna redefine what nutrition looks like & tastes like, redefine who you are and who you believe you are, redefine what FIT looks like, what FIT feels like, and even more important how FIT moves.

I’m crazy giddy about what this year has in store for us because I know we’ve settled way too long for average. We’ve accepted the status quo and accepted ‘half-truth’ and considered it potential destiny.

It only takes 1 spark to start a flame, it only takes 1 great idea to launch a brilliant masterpiece, it only takes 1 YOU to fulfill God’s plan, it only takes 1 God to make it happen.

Since you can’t undo what’s already done, we just let God do whatever He needs to do to keep us movin forward and we’ve been movin’ since then. For some, life has gotten better. For others, life happened (for better or worse) and this is where we stand. But here’s the good part. The year has come. It’s gone. It’s over. 2015. Yup, it’s here…

You can only move forward by accepting what was your past, understanding that while it has made you why you are the way you are; it’s not, nor will it ever be WHO YOU ARE!!!


Fight for it

In order for us to get somewhere we gotta know where we are AND where we’re going.

  1. Fill out the form to let me know you’re in.
  2. Here are just a few of the things you’ll master in minutes on the first couple days:
  3. 1-Focusing on what’s important
      1. 2-Establishing your priorities
      2. 3-Setting goals that align with your priorities
      3. 4-Choosing your PUSH goal
      4. 5-Creating a system of accountability
      5. 6-Making an effective to-do list.

Success is simply a matter of creating better habits. Lets do this together!

  1. Make sure you stay connected during the 30 days. Follow us (@inneractiveFIT) on twitter, instagram, pinterest & “LIKE” the  inneractive FITCLUB .
  2. IF you’re on PINTEREST (you should be) create your FOCUS board (sort of like a dream board) tag it with  #Getinneractive
  3. GET YOUR MIND READY/know what real Nutrition looks like/get ready for honest motivation.


What does it cost?

Motivation – FREE

Support – FREE

Helping you stay focused – FREE


What about the workout & nutrition stuff?

Nutrition – I’ll be teaching you how to eat healthier on a budget, so it’s simply the cost of your ‘healthier/smarter’ groceries! During the 30 days I’ll be following the Daniel Fast which supports the foundation & focus of this challenge, based on the principles of a spiritual fast.

Fitness – Well, technically everything you need to get fit you already have if you use your body as your gym. I’ll be adding a 30 day plan to follow. We’ll also be meeting on a private FB group for live classes only those who have purchased the access pass will be allowed in the group!

Fitness – $20 – HOSTED VIA A PRIVATE FB GROUP… (purchase your access pass here)

However, if you want to add to that with say a fitness DVD, group fitness classes or maybe a few simple pieces of equipment, the ‘cost’ depends on what you decide you want.

Check out the January F.I.T. challenge post for a few recommendations. But for now…


Jump start your motivation – take a look at some of our challenge posts from previous years


Press Pass the Fear

Living Life Better


Raising Healthy Kids

If you live near my gym, I’d love for you to join us for one of the classes!

I’m so excited you decided to join the 2017 FIT challenge! Invite a friend!

-keep movin’

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