Holiday Body Committment

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It’s officially time for the HOLIDAY BODY COMMITMENT!

For the past few years we’ve done this Holiday Body Commitment where we hold each other accountable from October 31-December 24.

Initially we would meet up at a local trail and hit the pavement bright and early. Then it progressed into many of my friends coming to my classes, then a few purchased my FITCLUB DVD. Last year, we went viral and totally became a holiday fave with the 12 Days of Christmas fitness gift giveaway hosted in our facebook challenge group!

So we’re back at it. Only this year we’ve added a few other elements. Knowing that being healthy doesn’t just mean physically and nutritionally, I’ve learned that we must really try to focus on the spiritual, financial and relational aspect as well. Life is very short. I think during the holidays we begin to recognize just how many of our loved ones we no longer have with us. And we start to value simple things like time, laughter, friends, and a nostalgic Christmas tune.

Welcome to the inneractive FITCLUB annual Holiday Body Commitment!!! Let’s finish strong and look forward to an awesome new rear!

 Here is your Holiday Body Commitment Plan IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO DEEPER WITH YOUR COMMITMENT I’m inviting you to join us for Weigh Less to Feed More while you’re staying committed!

Resources to help you during the challenge:

Tight Tuesday


Hunger vs. Appetite

Leaving & Entering  

Hunger vs Appetite (again)

Lose it

Ready to commit to stay fit during the holidays?

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