This message of freedom has weighed so heavy on me that I wanted to set up a resource page specifically for this FOCUS.

Freedom is something that we often don’t even realize we don’t have. Sometimes we’re free but walking around in our own prison cells. We create walls of protection that try to ‘save us’ from the hurts of others, yet these same walls keep us captive in our own fears and often block the opportunity of true joy from reaching us.

Over the years, we’ve hit this topic under several different resources including, books, fitness challenges and even bible studies. I’ve collected a few of those to help you during this journey.

The first step to finding freedom is honoring yourself and loving who you are, all of you!!! Over the next 21 days, we’ll be digging up some rotten roots, killing off some weeds and planting new seeds.


We are not called wimps. We are warriors! Let’s go take back what might have been stolen from us!!!

So let’s start there…

Loving Myself  

Free to Be ME

5 Minutes of Freedom

Loving losing the weight 

Freedom to FOCUS 

Freedom to be amazing 

Freedom to say YES or NO

Freedom to finish

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