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refresh west 2016



Monday –

  •        11:45am Seniors MOVE @ Cobb Senior Wellness Center (must register through Cobb Senior Services)


  • 9:30 am MOVE RevFit @ First Baptist Church Powder Springs
  • Seniors MOVE @ West Cobb Senior Wellness Center


  • 12-1pm Zumba Gold @ Cobb Senior Wellness Center


  •        9:30 am MOVE RevFit @ First Baptist Church Powder Springs


  •       8:30 am MOVE @ BeFit Studio

 Refresh Zumba

Stay tuned for more classes… Transform, BARRE, RevFit FITCAMP!


>>>>>>>>>>COMING SOON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Where does #TRANSFORM by #GroupRx fit into your workout routine? Is it flexibility? Is it strength and cardio? Is it balance? Is it a luxury that you should do but feel too time-pressed to attempt? If you’re like most of us, getting enough cardio and strength into our week is our first goal. Thankfully, TRANSFORM doesn’t discount our need for basic fitness, it amplifies it.

When you teach or take a TRANSFORM class, you address many of the shortcomings that creep unknowingly into our soft tissues and limit our capacity to improve. Working on the foundation of stability and flexibility, our strength improves. With increased strength, our cardiovascular exercise can increase since we have a strong foundation. Flexibility expands our ability to move through a full range of motion. If you’ve ever tried to get strong without range, you know how limited you feel. All these intertwined components of fitness are artfully attended to in TRANSFORM.

Come and see how much better you move when you TRANSFORM your body with Group Rx.


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