The true shape of our bodies


The reality is, we are clay in His hands. We are being sculpted and molded for the work He has called us to do, to carry whatever He needs us to carry.

Our shape, size, depth and ability are all dependent on our willingness to maintain our identity as the clay.

Could you potentially feel overwhelmed because you are trying hard to look like something you were never intended to be?

Could you feel “overweight” because you are carrying a burden that is suppose to be left at the Cross?

Could you be feeling “not enough” because you were created and crafted to be filled with substance not stuff?

Could the pain you’re feeling actually be the work of His hands kneading out the rough spots and sealing the cracks of your vessel?

Pay attention to the potter, the clay, the wheel used (which is controlled by his feet), and how the potter molds the clay.



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