Thanks indescribable




This year my family is celebrating Thanksgiving with bittersweet blessings.

After losing my father to cancer in April, my nephew in a horrible car accident in June & my niece’s cancer diagnosis; we find ourselves torn between being thankful and grieving.

What I’ve found, it’s the thankful prayers when it’s hardest to be thankful that opens our hearts to receive the comfort and grace of the Holy Spirit.

The song by #BigDaddyWeave “Overwhelmed” floods my soul today. It covers me to know that even in the grand plan of the Masters watch, He has considered the things that burden my heart.

Even in all of the chaos that we may be surrounded by (negativity, loss, grief, sorrow, fear, anger, bitterness, indifference); He is still in control.

Even when we may question ‘Where is God in all of this’ He shows up in little ways.

He has a way of changing the tide, like a family that comes closer together because of tragedy. Or a friend that just calls to check on you. Or the seemingly random thought of everything you didn’t get done in your day which shines a light on the fact that you were able to spend some unexpected quality time doing something you’ve been too busy to get done.

Today I challenge you to take in a deep breath and receive the fullness of thanks.

The reality of the blessing of that breath.

The possibility of that breath.

Be thankful.

Be blessed.

Be intentional.

What are you most thankful for this year?


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