MAY I…Do something new

And to get from where you are, there must first be a desire to leave – Beth Moore

Mother May I.

Do y’all remember that game?
Here’s the gist of it:

One person (it could be Mom) stands facing away from a line of kids.
She then chooses a child (at random, or in order), and announces a direction. These follow a pattern, such as, “Brian, you may take ‘ x’ giant/regular/baby steps forward/backward.”

The child responds with “Mother may I?”

Mom then states “Yes” or “No”, depending on her whim, and the child complies.

If the child forgets to ask “Mother may I?” he/she goes back to the starting line. First one to touch Mother wins.

As I was thinking of our May challenge, I thought of this game.

I thought about how we should ask God for the things we want to move forward on.

This year our Pastor charged us with this year being the year to Pursue, Recover and Restore. So as we were all setting out goals for the year, we were/are being challenged with whether or not we’ve asked the Lord “shall I pursue” (1 Samuel 30). How often have we made these huge goals but never consulted with Him to see if it’s even in His plan for us. And I don’t know about y’all but I don’t want to miss a thing He has for me.

But here’s the thing, when we ask God “Father May I” we need to be willing to listen for His response and whatever instructions or recommendations He gives us. And, He might say no. OR, His answer for us might be that we should pursue but requires further instructions that look nothing like what we thought.

Typically His ways are not ours (Isaiah 55:8-9); But the blessing in all of this is that His response is NEVER depending on His whim, but ALWAYS depending on what’s best for us.

So this year, I’ve done some asking. And what He gave me was “HELP THE ONES WHO WANT THE HELP”.

SO, This month I’m asking your permission to help you get better.

All I’m asking you to do is let me know what you need and together, we’ll ask God for His instruction.

Why am I asking?

Because I don’t ever want to force anything on you. And I can’t help someone that hasn’t asked me to help them. I don’t ever want to make you think you absolutely have to do what I’m suggesting.


I may have very well been where you were at some point. Maybe not exactly, but I can promise you this. I’ve been in the pit, the ditch, the dumps and in the darkness. And I’ve also see what it feels like to know freedom. I also know what it feels like to know you’re accepted. I also know what it feels like to look in the mirror and with confidence see your own reflection and not see your mistakes but see the beautiful, wonderfully made woman God created you to be!

What a wonderful God we have—he is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the source of every mercy, and the one who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials. And why does he do this? So that when others are troubled, needing our sympathy and encouragement, we can pass on to them this same help and comfort God has given us. You can be sure that the more we undergo sufferings for Christ, the more he will shower us with his comfort and encouragement. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

So, You’re here. And that could mean that you want what’s being offered. And all I can do is offer it. But if you give me permission. Ohhhh sister (or brother), that’s a whole new transformation waitin’ to happen.

Sound like a plan?

This month our focus is on that.

The transformation.

The metamorphosis if you will. Kinda like the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

The process of becoming something you had no idea you could be.



This month. Let’s do a new thing. I’ll be sharing a new resource with you everyday!

Spirit, soul and body I want us to feel renewed. I want to see a glow in you that I’ve never seen. And if you’re on social media I want to see YOU!!! Take pictures, use the hashtag #GrowAndGlow Follow us on Instagram at @inneractivefit

Ok, today’s resource is Simple Green Smoothies.

Why? Well because Green makes me happy. Green says GO! Green says NEW, Growth and Life! Green reminds me that seasons change. Green says there’s hope. Green says that even when it looked like nothing was happening in that seed, God had a plan. Simple Green Smoothies is a free website loaded with fresh recipes for green smoothies. Everything your palate can imagine. So there ya go! GO GREEN!

And by the way…Here’s another new thing, the change you’ll experience won’t be finding a new you, it’ll be finding the you that was there the entire time but was hidden under all that stuff! Keep the wild in you friend! God needs that!!! Let’s take this adventure! Yes you are going to see me using this hashtag alot #KeepTheWildInyou because I’m silly giddy crazy excited about being chosen to join the team of Maidservant of Encouragement ambassadors at MOE Apparel & Yoga!!!!

Y’all God is ready to do a NEW THING are you ready for the change? God is asking permission, May I do something new? What’s your response?

-keep your heart pumpin, spirit movin and anchor your focus!