Swimsuit Confidence: is progress, not guilt

Guilt  /gilt/ (def):

The fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime.
Make (someone) feel guilty, esp. in order to induce them to do something.
fault – blame – sin – crime – guiltiness – culpability


Why would taking care of yourself create any sort of guilt? What crime have you committed? NONE…Go look in the mirror and say I AM NOT GUILTY FOR TAKING CARE OF ME!

So since our focus this week is NO GUILT…I just wanted to find out how you’re doing so far. Here’s the thing. When you reach a breakthrough that was on your radar, you have every right to celebrate.

Your breakthrough will look different than someone else’s which means that your confidence will look different than someone else’s. Why am I connecting the two.

Simple, we all have our private conversations with God over things that are deep within our hearts that could sometimes come off to other people as “please if that’s ALL I had to worry about”; when in fact, those seemingly small issues are weighing us down.





I received this today from one of our Swimsuit Challenge participants.

I’m feeling fabulous! I’ve lost another pound whoo hoo! And I forgot to mention that I wore shorts out in public all weekend long…it doesn’t sound so weird but I’ve not worn shorts in public since before I was a teen, like a tween! & I got all kinds of compliments!!!! I’m feeling great & I think that’s the best! I’ve not lost tons of lbs but I’m feeling great from the inside out!

Share your progress updates in the comments below. Your progress could be someone else’s hope!

My head on collision with guilt…(reflection over the past year’s breakthrough) 

So I went into the store “everything but water” which was a beautiful collection of every imaginable color of swimsuit; tropical, nautical, traditional even some quite whimsical. Haltered and strapless one pieces, 2 pieces, tankinis, retro bathing dresses; cover ups and accessories all to match. Literally the store was everything but the water. I admired like a kid in a candy store with a vicious sweet tooth ready to temp my tastebuds.

“Hey there, can I help you pick out a few suits to try on?” said the sweet southern voice which matched the beautiful smile and twinkling eyes of the sales associate who gleamed with excitement to adorn me.

Y’all, I froze. (excerpt from Cover-ups & Barely Clothed – keep reading)


Keep movin’ one day at a time! This passage speaks volumes to getting rid of guilt!

My pledge and daily affirmation commitment to F.O.C.U.S.

My pledge and daily affirmation commitment to F.O.C.U.S. -Finishing Our Commitments Unapologetically Stronger







2 Thoughts on “Swimsuit Confidence: is progress, not guilt

  1. kcarroll on June 24, 2013 at 2:02 pm said:

    Thank you for this post. It is confirmation that I must take care of me. I recently told a group of very nice people “no”due to my commitment to working out. Boy, did I feel bad, I feel much better now.

    My breakthrough is the possibility of getting off of my diabetes medication. As a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic due to weight gain, I am committed to “keep it moving”. At my last check in with my physician she said if I continue to lose weight, she will consider taking me off of the diabetes medication!!!! OH YEAH!!!!

  2. Keep up the very good work.

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