Swimsuit confidence is: losing all doubt

Swimsuit Confidence is for every-body!

NO DOUBT – Philippians 1:6 



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#3 – Stay ANCHORED!  Each week we’ll target a specific area physically, nutritionally & spiritually. These areas are things that seem to shoot down confidence!

#4 – Stay PREPARED! Know what you’re going to eat! (keep reading for the resources)

#5 – STAY ACTIVE! Be ready to sweat!  Swimsuit Confidence Challenge


The Vision:

I must admit it makes me nervous. I took my kids swimming the other day and I just admired the confidence I saw. You ever known that you could do something but you literally freeze at the thought of actually doing it? Y’all have no idea what I’m experiencing right now as I type this. I mean really the thoughts of putting on a swimsuit without a cover up and someone seeing me, in my mind is the equivalent of the trust fall. Yeah exactly, that one. The anxiety of knowing you’re gonna do it and somebody, anybody’s gonna be there to support you but OMG what if they’re not there!

WHAT IF you fail!

It’s crazy cuz it’s playing out in my mind like it really happened.

That’s the grip of past failures.

That’s the lie of you didn’t before so you can’t now.

That’s the deception of “why bother”!

That’s why we’re doin this challenge, to cut off those lies at the root! To kill that thing dead.

For me, right now, it’s the swimsuit but it shows up in other places. It shows up in lack of confidence as a mother, sometimes it shows up in simple things like friendships, other times it shows up just before I teach a class.

These thoughts, well I’m gonna call them considerations cuz really we don’t just think about them, we actually consider them! So these considerations of not being enough, less than or under qualified need to be eliminated. We need to get rid of them from our minds eye so that we don’t see them in every situation that slightly reminds us of one of these lies.

My swimsuit phobia I know is linked to something, I think I’ve figured out what but by the end of these 30 days I’m determined to shut it down! I want to see myself clearly not with a blurred distorted fun house mirror image! Are you ready to accept that challenge?

Fitness Challenge

STICK TO THE PLAN! I had someone tell me they REALLY WANT results but couldn’t promise me they could commit. Well, here’s the thing I’m not asking for perfect, I’m asking for effort. Commit to effort. Give 100 % effort, with 100% commitment.


 “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. ”

—Booker T. Washington

Nutrition Challenge:

DIETS DON’T WORK!  So I’m not giving you a diet plan and telling you to ‘eat this and you’ll look awesome’. That’s a bunch of hype. Period!

The only way for YOUR BODY to feel great, look best and get what YOUR body needs is to give YOUR body what YOUR BODY needs! We each have special concerns, needs, and preferences when it comes to eating healthy. I’ll be sharing recipes throughout the challenge but this is really about balance, knowing how your body responds to food and making sure you’re not become the HANGRY (hunger induced anger) friend!

Here are my 3 highest recommendations for your nutrition:

Clean Eating : Better burgers, 5 ingredient meals, and fast food fixes

Eating Well Magazine: Common sense meal planning 

Plant based Nutrition

While your body is cleansing itself from the inside out, Shakeology’s 100% whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins,
and minerals your body needs to help curb its cravings.

STAY HYDRATED!!! I don’t have to tell you the importance of staying hydrated in this weather. I think you already know that, but did you know that by the time you tell yourself that you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! But you don’t have to limit yourself to just water to stay hydrated!

Fruits are an excellent source for water. Watermelon is 90% water, so it ranks highest on the list. Oranges, grapefruit, and melons like cantaloupe and honeydew are also strong contenders.

Vegetables, though not as full of water as fruit, can also provide a nutrient-rich water source. Stick with celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, and Romaine lettuce.

There are plenty of hidden sources of water in your diet, says White. If you want to tap into these foods, reach for oatmeal, yogurt, soup, and smoothies.

Besides guzzling water, milk is a top choice to refuel. Sodas, even diet ones, get a bad rap for lacking nutritional value, but they can still be hydrating. Juices and sports drinks are also hydrating — you can lower the sugar content by diluting them with water. – read the entire article What Counts As Water? Healthy & Hydrated(webmd.com)
One of my personal post-workout (especially Zumba fitness) hydration choices is Chocolate ZICO! I promise you when I first discovered it I pretty much wrote it off cuz it wasn’t the best taste I had found. But WHOA when they introduced the chocolate it seemed to wrong to be right! So what’s so right with ZICO?

ZICO contains the five electrolytes that support your body with what it needs to stay hydrated and perform at your best. One ZICO has more potassium than a banana – 15 times more than most sports drinks – to prevent cramping. Drink ZICO before or during a workout for the natural energy you need for optimal performance. After a workout, ZICOreplenishes and re-hydrates you to aide recovery. DRINK UP!!!

Week 1 Anchor: NO DOUBT

Philippians 1:6 (Message) There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.


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