Swimsuit Confidence: Gut Check

Gut check anyone? I hear people say they go on elimination diets to clean out their bodies of the toxic chemicals and potential food allergens affecting their body in negative and harmful ways. By process of elimination they determine the culprit. They only keep foods that are natural, from the earth, clean nothing processed or man-made.

God’s word… Same deal.

God's Word

It was written as a whole body (spirit, heart & mind) detoxification & cleansing of the potentially harmful toxins (attitudes, thoughts, habits, behaviors, speech, etc) And here’s what pretty radical, His word isn’t one of those fad diets that one day research will discover it doesn’t work; on the contrary more and more doctors (true story) are discovering it’s the one true consistent habit we’ve failed to include in our daily healthy lifestyle changes.

What could happen if we decided to go all-in for 30/60/90 days; the way we approach sugar-detox; whole 30 or any other new way of eating?

Would you consider it with me?


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