Swimsuit confidence: Find the risk and adjust your focus


Worth the risk

“There is no shortcut to sanctity” AW Tozer

Whatever it is, if you really want it, you must be wiling to get uncomfortable; beyond your normal; beyond the crowd; beyond your own life and know-how.

  • God’s thoughts, concerning you, are much greater. (Isaiah 55)
  • God’s plan & process, way beyond what we could ever imagine. (Ephesians 3)
  • He wants to give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4) but many of those are way out there on the ledge, on edge of yikes as Bob Goff puts it.

What if we asked God today about THAT thing that keeps us teetering on the fence of being comfortable and being blessed. The thing that keeps us at our ‘this is who I’ve always been’. The thing that might require us to do less of the best and simply follow the better.

Are you willing to get uncomfortable?

(2 Thessalonians 1:11) So we keep on praying for you, asking our God to enable you to live a life worthy of his call. May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do.

Pursue it

            1.  Pursue: To proceed along, follow or continue with a specified course of action or a plan. To strive for, to seek after.

            2.  Overtake: To catch up with and pass by.

            3.  Recover: To get back, to regain, to restore, to procure from something unusable something valuable. To bring under observation again.

 Adjust your focus


Strength Training & Conditioning.

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you” (Deuteronomy 31:8)


Trying to get stronger or be stronger is a process:

1. It takes being willing to get uncomfortable

2. It takes knowing that you’ll potentially experience some painful moments

3. AND it requires being willing to stretch those places that are ridiculously tight.

Fix your focus.





You’ll get there but there’s a process.

God is already there cheering you on knowing your weakness and infusing you with strength when you need it.


Fix your eyes.

Not on the finish line or end result but the process of the change.

This is my prayer: that your love might become even more and more rich with knowledge and all kinds of insight. I pray this so that you will be able to decide what really matters and so you will be sincere and blameless on the day of Christ. (‭Philippians‬ ‭1‬:‭9-10‬ CEB)

Commit the work



The secret of achievement is to not let what you’re doing get to you before you get to it.

What are you committing to The Lord TODAY? Whether your physical discipline to live a healthier life, your career goals, your family & relationships, your financial stewardship or your commitment to settling in and allowing Him to have all of your heart; whatever you commit to Him, He promises to establish!

Where is God calling you to find the risk and adjust your focus?



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