Summer Goals

Initially I didn’t think this (type of) devotional was for me. Because honestly, I have felt like the word REST has become a buzz word. I have felt like we’ve all begun to learn really how to lay down the hustle (just another check mark on our to-do lists) and DO self care. It’s kinda felt counterproductive. Like we’re DOING rest.

But God knew He could get my attention by whispering the promises that were grace-filled. Promises of confidence, contentment and peace (Philippians 4:6-13) tucked away in the meaning of that word.

I’m a peacemaker. By default and defense from a broken childhood; but God has used what had become my defensive weapon and caused it to become my best offensive weapon. (Matthew 5)

But friends that strategy did not happen by my own well crafted, skilled ideas; that only happened after I got brave enough to be still (content & quiet) and learned to listen.

SIDE BAR: quiet and withdrawn was also my defense from a loud chaotic home filled with violent rage and anger. God revealed to me a few months ago that I in fact am not shy, that I had settled for that label because it was safe, but the real me was wildly free and contagiously full of joy! THAT MAKES ME SO GIDDY I CAN HARDLY SIT STILL!!!

So many things (too many things) are calling our names. And we are answering.

Bonnie Gray writes in the devotional Whispers Of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul “Samuel, who was living in the temple ran to Eli the priest thinking Eli was calling him. It happened three times. (1 Samuel 3:8-11) in the same way, we can easily run from one thing to another answering other voices that demand doing, work, fear and busyness. But the fourth time God called him, Samuel did something different. Samuel dared to listen.”

Friends can I ask you, how do you hear God talk to you?

Have you heard Him call you but assumed it was something else calling your name?

Can I challenge you? I believe that one of the things that calls our name and our bluff is the fear that we aren’t enough which leads us toward comparison and under appreciating our original design.

I’d like to invite you for the next 30 days to join me for  30 days of confidence: a body peace series.

Every June I host a faith based fitness challenge called the ‘swimsuit confidence‘ challenge… it’s an opportunity for us to not get trapped in the battle for our mind, body and spirit and instead brave ourselves with the victory that was already won for our freedom.

We get to live in that victory by making peace within our hearts and our reflections IN A SWIMSUIT…

I know.

I TOTALLY get it.

I gasped as well.

And that my friend is why I do it! (and if you’re local join me on Tuesdays for MOVE:RevFit at 9:30 am)

Your body is beautiful and whether you’ve decided to put on a suit and spend more time enjoying life’s precious moments or you’re still standing in the proverbial fitting room arguing with your reflection; I have one thing to tell you, and I need you to look in the mirror and repeat this YOU ARE FLAWESOME!!!

Not a single one of us is perfect, we all got some flaws and He STILL calls us awesome! (Psalm 139)

This year I’m using Whispers Of Rest as our weekly prompts of peace!

Could you use a bit of flawsome peace?

Thank you Bonnie Gray for writing what I’m calling the new personal trainers CPR (mind/body) manual!!!

Alright friends, I hope you’ll decide to join us, now I must go and resuscitate a few folks! 🙌🏾❤️

Oh and FYI: the today show announced the one piece as the suit of the season! WHOOOP WHOOOP!!! Shout out to all the women wearing the vintage swim dress!!!!

If you want to join us just simply subscribe to my blog for the weekly motivation! THERE’S NO FEE!

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