Spring Cleaning: MOVE 

Today I’m sharing a message that’s close to my heart specifically because this is my why. Specifically because this is my hope for you. 

Some of YALL may know that anchors are “my thing” but sometime last year God started showing me arrows. Like everywhere I turned I saw arrows. I’ve written about it several times if you search this blog you’ll see some of what God has revealed. But for the sake of time, I’ll just tell you. What God defined was a direct link to what He revealed concerning anchors; the things that weigh us down could very well be the thing that He uses to keep us anchored. So this linked to the arrows; the very thing that pulls us or holds us back could be the hand of God intervening to get us ready to be propelled forward into the thing He called us to do. 

So today I share with you something else God started revealing linking these anchors and arrows. The thing from our past that we allow God to use will have us so grounded that without us even needing to “do” anything, that thing will point people to the definition of Grace, to the Hope of CHRIST, to their very own purpose of God’s plan for their lives. 

See, that’s His plan. Not the hurt, not the rejection, not the disappointments; but the lessons, the breakthroughs, the victories, the way we respond when someone says “how did you do it”…

Go tell the world how He did it in your life. And if you’re saying but He hasn’t done anything yet then friend let me ask you, how far are you from where you were that day you said a prayer and asked Him to help you. What might seem small to you, might be life support to someone else. Share your God anchoring MOMENT with someone. 

In fact, I’d love to know your story. Feel free to comment below to tell it or email me


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