Simply Tuesday: When God refreshes the weary, self preserved, fear driven soul


“Life is a gift – health must be earned. We earn good health by cultivating good habits. This is the right time for you to commit yourself to a more sensible lifestyle. So take a good look at your habits: how you eat, how you exercise, and how you think about your health. The only way that you’ll revolutionize your physical health is to revolutionize the habits that make up the fabric of your day.”


This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a fitness workshop & speaking at Refresh Summit​ in Thompson Station TN. But, the best part was being with beautiful friends (old & new), learning how to take care of our bodies, overcome the lie of perfectionism and pausing to notice God – allowing Him to bring us some much needed refreshing! Our book discussion this year was Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman. I couldn’t wait to embrace the “Tuesday Bench moments” throughout the weekend. In the book, Emily Freeman refers quite a bit to the idea of having a seat on the inside so that God can allow you to see the small moments that often get overlooked in our fast-moment world. Refresh Summit, is a Tuesday Moment in and of itself. Enjoy the photos and brief snapshots of conversation…


Deer Run sign



Be Still

There is always room for one more at the table, pull up a chair – Jen Hatmaker

Refresh table






Psalm 91


(From Simply Tuesday:)

“When fear bullies my soul, I know it because I spend lots of time wishing I was someplace else. When fear pushes me around, I feel small, the kind I want to run from. Being led by love has to start by recognizing we already have it. I can’t let love lead if I don’t know it’s there to begin with. I recognize now how God invites me to sit on benches almost daily. On the benches of community, I’m learning what it means to be honest and mature with myself first and then in the presence of others. I’m learning that I won’t move perfectly, but that must not keep me from moving at all. And my movement needs to be focused on building benches of connection rather than building walls of protection. If I’m competing with you I cannot connect with you.”

Simply Tuesday bench moments



Holy Spirit You Are Welcome
Around the table




Healthy Women




Come Sit and worship


“What happens when you put 24 women together where there aren’t age barriers,(pretty sure I was the oldest),ethnicity barriers, size barriers, or any judgements whatsoever.. You get laughter, tears, sweat,(lots of sweat), friendship and LOVE, the big sappy SINCERE love that Jesus intends for His people to have for one another.. We are family.. I got all my sisters with me!!Seriously friends.. You MUST go to a Refresh Retreat.. You’ll walk away a changed girl! So happy to have spent two days with the cream of Gods crop! Love and huge hugs to you all!! thank you ladies for spreading the love and joy of Jesus!” (Diane – first time Refresher)  ‪#‎MOVE‬

mountain pant


Refresh Zumba



80's fun

80’s Zumba Glow Party


80s wut wut



Me & Helene


Sisters who pray together


The drive home




As the holiday season begins to roll in like the changing of the trees, take some time for your spirit to be refreshed!!! Get up, Get out and try something new!!

Trying something new is scary, it can be tough sometimes; but I’ve learned that tough is beautiful!

I’d love for you to join us for the inneractive FITCLUB Holiday Body Challenge – It’s our annual movement & motivation focus to help us get the most out of our holidays! Click here for details and official registrations! It’s never too late to join really, this is about starting where you are, removing the obstacles and enjoying your life. Let’s get your heart pumpin, spirit movin and get inneractive! OOOH and there will be gifts…because ’tis the season!!!

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