Nutrition Month: Feeding Your Spirit 

What if we got ourselves rooted in the fact that we are enough? 

What if? 

How would that shift your FOCUS on “being”? 

We spend so much time doing that we forget to just be. My challenge to you this week is to just be. 

Life is to short to go & go & go & do do do do do do … it passes you by and you can’t even remember how you got there and yet you’re now mad at everyone because certainly it’s somebody’s fault. 

Let’s just pause. 

Yes you do have time. You’re pausing now. ON THIS BLOG . You have time for you. 

Take it. 


I started this playlist on Spotify that helps me clear my mind. 

Use it. 

I love you. Thank you for letting me talk to you.

I’m a busy mom/wife/woman and my quiet meditation/devotional time has to be intentional & strategic. 

My 3 kids are 2 middle schoolers and a 21 yr old and while that may not include running behind them picking up toys; instead it’s usually a full rundown of their days or me trying to regulate expectations. 

My quiet time is more effective when I’m playing music that sets the atmosphere to welcome the Holy Spirit. 

Here’s my current devotional/reflection time playlist. I hope it blesses you. 


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