MOVE: Making things happen

So I know you’ve got goals. But here’s my question, are your goals – goals – or are they actually rewards that you’d like to have after you’ve accomplished a goal?

For example: I may have a running goal like 5 miles, 10
Miles or a half marathon; so I’ll need to set myself on a planned discipline (action) to get there and when I reach it I’ll reward myself with something. BUT the reward can’t be registration for the race… maybe it’ll be a new pair of shoes or an non workout outfit but it can’t be another step above the original goal.

See rewards should not be put on a goals list because we’ll rarely get to those, since we’re likely to come up w reasons why we shouldn’t follow through or why we don’t “really deserve” it. Because while we’ve listed them as goals (like travel destinations) they’re in fact rewards.

I’m not saying you can’t have a ‘desire to visit the Italian countryside as your “one day I’ll do this” but seriously if that’s a goal we’ll find every reason why that’s not a priority and it’ll never happen because it’s in fact a reward of a bigger goal. (Right)

What would need to happen in your life IN ORDER for that trip to Italy to happen? That’s the goal!!!

Does that make sense?

So now what? If you need the leadership, guidance and push to get you over that hump, you need to make sure you’re signed up for the January FOUR week FOCUS!

We start January 5…details are here.

Here’s some motivation from the #PowerSheets we’ll be using to move in the direction of your calling! You ready?


My goal, 40 women, moving forward, in their destiny, through this challenge!!!

Are you one of them? 

Do you know a woman who could benefit from this? 

Invite her, send her the link and remind her that she IS worth it!!!!

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