Monday Motivation: Write down your vision

Monday Motivation.

Create the dream


Every word.

Every thought.

Every decision.

Every relationship.

Every up.

Every down.

Every seed.

Every harvest.

Every chance you get  LIVE. OUT. LOUD. & create the deepest desire of your heart, the biggest, most ridiculously amazing, scares you to life; dream!


What’s that dream God gave you. The one you know you were put on this earth to accomplish.

What’s the vision? What’s your dream? Have you written it down? I mean really written it down. Habakkk 2 tells us to write it down clearly. One version says write it in big block letters so it can be seen on the run!!

What’s your dream? To live healthier? To finally finish school? To have a happy successful marriage? All of these things God wants you to have. These are those basic things that we sometimes fail to realize God actually cares about.

Write down your vision/dream somewhere in your space, where ever that space is. Write it big so you can see it while you’re on the run! Put it in your phone as an hourly alert/reminder. Then I dare you to live it!!!!  Don’t tip toe your way toward it. Bust down a few walls. March, run, kick, shake up a few things. Scream if you need to. That works for real, especially if you’re just getting started and feel like you’ve had this dream bottled up and no one seems to understand it. Yup. I’ve done it. In fact, I repeat it when necessary!

DO what it takes to make yourself realize that God has a plan and He needs you in order to complete it. One day at a time, one moment at a time. But live. Live it out loud!

A few basic tools for you to #GETINNERACTIVE:

Matthew 6

Hebrews 12

Jeremiah 29

Habakukk 2

-Keep movin’

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