Meditation & motivation

Just wanted you to know I’m praying for you today.

Praying that you realize you’re worth more than settling for second best. Praying that you see just how valuable you are.

Praying that you see your own reflection as an image of God Himself & in that you see all of the talents & gifts He placed in you.

Praying that you know you are more than the number on the scale.

Praying that you recognize that life is so much more than calories & crunches.

Praying that you realize that today is not yesterday nor is it tomorrow nor is it a sum of your mistakes, but it is in fact your greatest opportunity to become who God created you to be.

One simple declaration, “here I am Lord” puts you back on the right track moving forward.

One step toward God brings you closer to your destiny than a million steps toward achieving goals, dreams, hustles, hard work ever will. (Psalm 84)

Move. And keep movin. #getinneractive (Ephesians 3)

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