Making room for space


Whitespace holds beauty. It is the key element of design that gives balance to a composition, transforming a cluttered collection of objects into an aesthetic expression of what we do see.

Bonnie Gray

May I ask you a question? How often do you clear out your closets, cabinets and garages to make room for space?

How often do you consider doing that in your life? Better yet, how often do you take it one step further; instead of just considering it, actually do it?

I’m doing it!

I’m taking it one step further because I realize it’s that one step in the direction I’ve never gone that could bring me the freedom I’ve never had.

I’m learning this new step is called Spiritual Whitespace. A breakthrough discovery map of allowing God to clear out the clutter. Spiritual Whitespace is a book every woman needs! Bonnie Gray stood where most of us stand either at the foot of the Cross and question HOW or at the edge of redemption and question WHY.

She doesn’t give you the answer, she points you to the one answer!

Whitespace in art is the space on a page left unmarked. It’s a space for a story…Hold on though, those words scare me because my story is scary.

My story keeps me.

That’s the issue.

I want my story to be one that says I’m free. So here we go. Let’s be free. Not hurried. Free.

Finding Him isn’t hurried. Finding Him might take time but it doesn’t take up time

You see, I had to ask myself even am I incorrect in recognizing that I can’t be so pressed to ‘finish the book’ on finding spiritual whitespace; that I may miss the meaning of the whitespace…

Just something The Lord pressed on me.

To quote Bonnie…

“What I’m trying to say is I don’t want
to be that little girl…frozen, needy, lost, confused. So I manage, I cope and I please.”

These words echo my heart.

These words bleed from my heart as I literally tick the number of days I’ve been living free from the bondage of my childhood which also (as God would time it) parallel the number of days since my father passed away.

Since I’ve made room to exchange my mangled memories with the truth of who he was.

Since I allowed God to make room to pick up my broken pieces and remake me.

Since my brokenness made room for space & became something I honestly could receive as beautiful!

Could I just make room for space to live in the whitespace when I find it instead of being in such a hurry to get to the next ‘whitespace’ as if it were another proverbial item on lists that never seem to end?

Could you make room for space?

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