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“Is your soul being held hostage by hustle? It’s time to release our obsession with building a life, and believe in the life Christ is building within us – one simple Tuesday at a time. ” // @emilypfreeman {Simply Tuesday }


I’m dropping my anchoring here.

I’m not ready to let go of what God is doing just because a trend or shiny sparkling thing tries to grab my attention & happens to look like my goal.

I’d rather wait and be certain.

Not that kind of waiting til the time is right or putting it off til it’s perfect… no I’m leaning into the trusting kind of waiting. The good vs better, the runneth over cup, the smallest blessing might be the biggest blessing you ever received in your life kinda waiting!

That “God has blown my mind in this unlikely way” that only God can do.

Friends I hope you’ll consider joining us for @refreshsummit where we’ll be having a weekend of faith, fitness, food & friends plus a live coffee discussion with this book #SimplyTuesday

If that’s not an option, grab a copy and read along, join our weekly discussion here & on Instagram using the hashtag #itssimplytuesday & tag @inneractivefit #getinneractive



In my own life I’ve found it to be true that when I hold on to the wrong thing, the wrong things hold on to me. If the light of a Tuesday morning candle isn’t bright enough to light the room, a spotlight won’t be either.


#itssimplytuesday Week 1 Discussion – My hope is to open the conversation and dialogue during our book reading and make this more of a discovery of connection rather than checklist of completion.

Grab a journal, a notebook, a few minutes, a cup of something good to drink and let’s talk about this week’s videos & introduction (if you’ve had a chance to read it)…

“If we parcel out our time and hold our plans in a vice-grip of what shall, will, and must be for our future, we may dismiss the small beginnings being born right here, on Tuesday afternoon. We’ll be pushed around by fear rather than be led by love.” {pg 19}

In Video 2, Emily says this:

Heres the link to the videos in case you haven’t had a chance to see them.

“When I’m overwhelmed in my life, it shows up on my desk.

When I’m overwhelmed in my soul, it shows up in my body.”

She shares the story of pouring blueberries with their juice into a colander but forgetting to hold it over the sink.

(HINT HINT: here’s where we get a chance to talk through this. Leave your answers/responses in the comments below)
💫What is the most absentminded thing you have done when rushing through your days?
💫What are some ways being overwhelmed shows up in your life and in your body?
💫What does your “fast-moving world” look like right now in your life?
💫What might “small-moment living” look like for you?
💫Why did you choose to read Simply Tuesday as a group? What are you most hoping for in these weeks you spend together?





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