Intentional FOCUS: Setting the right kind of goals

 I actually slept through the night!!! I woke up pain free!!!!

Last night at church my neck was stiff and my back started having spasms but something my Pastor said sent an electric charge through me… 
“God is looking for faithfulness. Breakthrough comes when you refuse to give up!!!” 
He’s been preparing our hearts and minds for EXPECTATION: the act or state of looking forward or anticipating
If you are hoping 2016 will be different, hope won’t don’t it, it requires EXPECTATION fueled by faith! 
Matthew 21 promises us, if you believe and do not doubt…IF YOU BELIEVE #expectation you will have whatever you pray for! 

I know that God has this amazing plan for my life that is way beyond anything I could begin to draft up; way beyond the most strategic well thought out goal lists;much greater than the most read How-To-Succeed book, and far more rewarding than the highly recognized “who’s who so follow their guide to how to shine your light guru guide”. 

I know it’s different. 

I know it’s greater. 

I know it requires sacrifice. 

I know it’s a narrow road. 

I know it requires pain. 

I know there will be joy. 

I know there’s been so many praises and joy filled moments already. 

I know it brings perseverance and patience. 

I know it might get lonely but I won’t EVER be left alone to do this in my own strength and ability. 

I know that plan was also written the day you were breathed new life and it’s still working on your behalf IF YOU EXPECT IT TO WORK. 

On December 31 the world will make resolutions or goals; I’m making a declaration of expectation. 
Will you come with me? 10pm at International Gospel Outreach make it the first day of the rest of your life! 


Set your intentions

It’s time to wipe the slate clean. To let go of the stuff that never moves us in the direction we need to move. 

Time to forgive the people who have caused us to live in the prison of our own anger, shackled by guilt, shame, fear and rejection. 

Time to give up those empty promises of magic numbers, “if only” & “as soon as I “… 

Time to stop shouldin’ and start movin’!!! 

Time to wipe the slate clean! Aren’t you ready to make that move?

 JANUARY 1 – 30… inneractiveGPS™ a 30 day FITCLUB FOCUS. 

  • 30 days of identifying, satisfying, restoring and redirecting! 
  • 30 days of purposeful progress – SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY! 
  • 30 DAYS of putting God first, seeking HIS best plan, ALLOWING HIM to lead you toward better health, better happiness, better “HOW”… 

Comment below with your email address to receive detailed registration information! 

Prayer FOCUS – January 2 LIVE EVENT 

What a great way to start off 2016 – with PRAYER & Devotional!! 

ALL Family Christian stores are having an in store devotional and time of prayer at 9 am (local time) on January 2nd. Everyone who attends will receive a free resource booklet.  #spons



Oh I need this!!!! 

Will you join me for the Holy YogaMinistries  30/30 Intention………..(hosted on the Holy Yoga Facebook & Instsgram pages – no worries if you aren’t on social media, I will help guide you) 

 We spend much of our lives running from one event to another. Rarely do we step aside and listen for God to speak directly to us. Take this 30 day intention and dedicate yourself to hearing from Jesus. For 30 days reserve a quiet space for Him. 

Read ~~~ slowly the scripture of the day and listen for God’s message to you.Breath each word in, each word out. Make it a part of you.

Respond~~~ to the music on your mat or meditating on the song. Step outside your immediate concerns for the day and focus your attention on knowing Jesus and seeking his guidance.

Reflect~~ In this unhurried time write down the impression you received from the scripture or the song. Look for a special word, phrase or thought that seems to speak directly to you and your life. Pray and give thanks to the lord for speaking with you and seek to make His message real in your life today. 



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