Intentional expectation -cultivating a flourishing life  

Our victory is that we treasure Christ in a way that exposes the world as unsatisfying – John Piper 



Friends, yesterday I listened to Lara Casey’s periscope on imperfect progress with a huge knot in my throat. And with tear stained pages, I fervently scratched down the notes as she spoke straight to my heart. 

I don’t have to stop living while I’m making progress – Lara Casey

God has been unfolding the many layers & depths of His love for us. Bit by bit, moment by moment He unveils the immeasurable purposes He has for us; but we can’t  unlock that treasure without  the key – His love.

His love. 

I know. It seems too simple of an answer to our overwhelming issues and mind scattering concerns. 

But in the shadow of the Cross, we see why His love is enough. 

But hear me out; our lives are NOT overshadowed or overlooked by the cross, no; Satan would want us to believe that. In fact, our lives are {found, redeemed, defined, discovered & restored} because of the shadow of the Cross. 

The shadow falls behind the cross, facing God, with His glorious light shining directly on the Son who stands in front of us as our protection!

Satan would want us to believe that in the shadow we are hidden – not seen. When in fact, it’s because of being hidden in THAT shadow; we are seen & found! 

See, Satan wants you & I to believe that God can’t be bothered with our daily worries. The mundane stuff, the insecurity stuff, the ‘I thought I was over that’ stuff, the ‘why didn’t my husband notice’ stuff, the ‘where’s my husband’ stuff… Right? The stuff that we think we can satisfy with our own hard hustle. I HATE THE WORD HUSTLE! BLEGHHHH 

Hustle isn’t intentional focus. 


Intentional focus is rooted in deep soul that God has tended, dug up the hard places and given us a new heart! 

Satan would want us to think that good intentions, hopes and hustle unlock the promises of God so He keeps us there. Overshadowing the cross.

Friends, if we’re going to be anything that God purposed for us, let us be diligent in seeking His heart.  

I’m so glad Lara Casey captured her encourage my on katch because y’all need to listen to this! Here’s the message

BUT WAIT… There’s more… LOL I’ve always wanted to say that! 

Open Your Bible

I nourish my life with good intentions and expect it to thrive, when only Jesus can quench my soul-deep thirst. – She Reads Truth 

Seriously y’all, the Open Your Bible study has been showing me just how synchronized God is. EVERYTHING is lined up. HE IS INTENTIONAL.

Have you ever set your focus on something & start seeing a theme or similar messages along your path and finally your light bulb goes off and you realize that God is trying to tell you something?!?!?! THAT is God’s providence! 

It’s week 3 of She Reads Truth – Open Your Bible study & we’re talking about Engaging Truth! 

Open your bible and read John 4:7-15 

  • What’s the woman’s response when Jesus tells her the effect the living water will have on her life? 
  • What are the empty wells the Samaritan woman drew from in her own life? Did Jesus disqualify her from His invitation because she was broken, or did He offer the water because she was empty?
  • What are some empty wells you go to each day in search of life-giving water? How are those different than the water Jesus describes in verse 14? 
  • What would it be like to stop nourishing our lives with good intentions and empty wells? 

Embrace the imperfect, it’s better than being stuck – Lara Casey


30/30 Intention 

Therefore if anyone is united with the Anointed One, that person is a new creation. The Old life is gone – and see – a new life has begun. 2 Corinthians 5:17 

Our new addition to the tribe 2002

My blessings of cultivating intentional expectation shows up in the imperfect progress of my family! Friends, let’s open our bibles to find God, knowing that His word is unlocking our lives-engage God’s Truth expectantly! 

Imperfect progress is progress! It’s moving forward- Lara Casey 

Snowday 2016


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