How’d you get that scar?


Do you have any scars?

Visible ones that you can immediately retell the story in a way that takes the person back to the crime scene?

I have one huge scar the length of my pinky finger on my right thigh.

It’s faded over the years but recently I noticed it & laughed. I laughed because it happened over 30 years ago from a hard fall & flipping over the handlebars of my bike when my tire wrestled with a rock. The bike won.

I was broken, bruised, battered, bloody and swore I’d never get back on another bike for the rest of my life. That stupid rock was never to be found. I was mad at that rock. Now for real- for real mad… And seriously I refuse to ride a bike. I want to. But I’m still just a bit intimidated. 🚴🏾🚴🏾🚴🏾

Yes my kids think it’s crazy and friends laugh that I’ve held a grudge with a rock & a bike for so many years and neither the rock or the bike have lost a minute of their lives to consider me and my issue with them…

How many scar stories do you have?

Maybe not with a bike, or a rock but maybe someone hurt you so bad that you’ve lost 30 something years of your life because of a hard fall, a painful hurt, a grudge.

I’ve made light of the bike incident but I have some scars that go deep & wide, that took me 30+ years to heal – unseen, yet seen; in my reactions, my hustle, my heart, my language, my focus, my fears and my prayers.

Scars tell a story.

I’m not suggesting “to get over it”, I AM suggesting that our scars begin to explain the process of healing; the bleeding stops, the initial reaction from the pain has let up, the crime scene is cleaned up…

But every time we look at the scar, we retell & relive the entire story.

My greatest story with the deepest scars reminds me of redemption.

THE greatest Story, with THE DEEPEST scars IS OUR REDEMPTION.

Jesus took those scars so that ours would not be the definition of who we are, but the opportunity to tell our story that defines who He is!!!

What story does your scar tell? #thisismystorythisismysong #praisingmysavior #TellYourStory #HumbleWarrior


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