Holiday Comittment: Making Room for the rhythm of Advent


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to become a butterfly- Maya Angelou 

Last year we followed the advent celebration through reading The Greatest Gift: Holy Experience with Ann Voskamp. This year we’ll be following the Make Room For Advent study with Naptime Diaries. Whether you’ve purchased your journal to follow along or not, I’ll be sharing here on my own reflection of the reading and the discussion questions from the study. I hope you’ll join us as we catch this Rhythm of grace. 


Find the Rhytm 

” We should model the innkeeper’s response in the way we respond to Christ. When Christ knocks on our heart, our first response should be to invite Him in and give Him all we have. Even if our hearts are not perfect rooms for Him to live in, Christ does not care. He loves us and desires us no matter what.” (excerpt from The Rhytm of Christmas The Innkeeper) 
Listen to the lyrics of this song by Dara Maclean Bethlehem Skies

Move to it…

My challenge to you today is to just turn on some music and move!!! Y’all honestly you’re gonna watch your mood shift, you’ll watch your focus change and the ‘feel good’ endorphins will be released in your body and you’ll find that you’re actually having a fantastic day, even after the music stops. 
Here’s a rhythm to get you started… 

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