Holiday Body Commitment: Weight loss SOUL-ution

Human nature is to hide our weaknesses from others, to put on a happy face around people, to swallow our sorrow to make others comfortable. But Jesus has a tender heart for His people that melts for us, that moves for us, that yearns for us, that endures with us, that will comfort us, that pours out mercy on us… so that we need not fear God’s judgment, ridicule, disappointment, rejection, or frustration when we come to Him just as we are. (exerpt from the YouVersion Bible App Names of God Thanksgiving through Christmas study)



What if we allowed Jesus to come take some stuff today?





He must increase in my heart as King and ultimate authority. I must decrease and relent my stubborn ways of running my own life. He must increase in my mind as I praise him in every situation. I must decrease in my spoiled complaining and whining throughout my day. He must increase in my life as I look to please him alone in everything I do. I must decrease as I evaluate the ways I spend my time and look for happiness. In order to RISE UP, I must decrease.// Affirmation from Sarah Francis Martin‘s book RISE UP!

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