Holiday Body Commitment: Weekend FOCUS




Weekend FOCUS:

How to end the weekend binging.

How I finally broke the cycle of weekend overeating.

How did I finally break free? Maybe not how you think.

I didn’t use “one weird trick”, or biological manipulation, or reverse psychology.

Rather, I developed a healthier relationship with food… and myself.

Here’s how:

Strategy #1:
I aimed for “good enough” instead of “perfect”.

I’ve seen it in so many FITCLUB ONLINE Nutrition Coaching clients.

They want to follow the “perfect” diet.

So they adhere to strict meal plans (to the last measured teaspoon) Monday to Friday. And, the whole week, they worry incessantly about screwing things up.

By the weekend, though, the willpower gives out. They’re so sick of restrictive eating and can’t wait to eat food they actually enjoy. Bring on the weekend binge!

For most of them, there are only two options: perfect or crap.

So the logic follows:

“It’s Saturday, I’m out to lunch with my family, and I can’t have my perfect pre-portioned kale salad like I usually do, so instead I’ll just overeat a giant bacon cheeseburger and a huge heap of fries.”

If you take “perfect” off the table, things change. You feel empowered because there are now other options. Instead of kale salad vs. five servings of fries, there’s:

“I’m actually in the mood for a salad with my burger because I had fries at that work lunch on Thursday.”

Therefore, my solution: Always aim for “good enough”.

Throughout the work week and the weekend, I started to consider my health and fitness goals, what I was in the mood for, what was available, etc. I came up with a definition of “good enough”, and aimed for that.

Remember: The decent method you follow is better than the “perfect” one you quit. OR simply put, BETTER IS BETTER



Journey to the Manger

In case you missed the announcement of this phase of the Holiday Body Commitment. We are on a 90 mile journey to the Manger. A more intentional focus on our WHY, a purposeful time set aside to spend with Christ, in His Word, allowing His word to be what it is designed to be in our lives. His word is TRUTH. His word is LIFE. His word is our HOPE. Let’s continue to look to the light of the world!

***But hope does not involve what we already have or see. For who goes around hoping for what he already has?***

Listen friends, this has little to do with the food. We are hungry for something else, we are feeding another craving, we are starving and in need of sound nourishment!

Glory, to the Light of the world (Lauren Daigle – Light of The World)

He is the song for the suffering
He is messiah
The Prince of Peace has come
He has come, Emmanuel

Glory to the light of the world
Glory to the light of the world
Glory to the light of the world
Glory to the light of the world
For all who wait
For all who hunger
For all who’ve prayed
For all who wander
Behold your King
Behold Messiah
Emmanuel, Emmanuel #GodWithUs

Here’s a fun Christmas workout from Revelation Wellness (click the link)

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