Holiday Body Commitment: 12 Days of Fitness gifts for every need


If you’re just joining us, we’ve been on our journey to the manger  spending some intentional time moving our bodies and setting our focus on the Lord both in scripture and in honoring him with our WHY. In the spirit of the season and visiting the manger, we recognize that there were gifts brought to the king so we decided to bring you some gifts as you honor the King. We want to pause for a moment and make note of this y’all; we journey toward the manger but let’s not forget that the manger didn’t save us. The manager was the birthplace of the promise, the recognition that God’s word is true and that He will chose the most unlikely person, place and thing to bring forth His plans. Friends, we might just be the unlikely suspect of the fulfillment of His promise. We might just in the right place at the right time when we see His glory fall. We might just have the very thing in our possession that God needs to work a miracle. Don’t ever disregard what you have to offer the King. Today, let’s be intentional about what we present to the Lord.

We’ve put together a week’s worth of ‘fitness gifts’ to help you in your ‘giving’. Don’t forget to register for our GIVEAWAY which will be randomly drawn on December 24th!



SOURCE: YouVersion Bible App

SOURCE: YouVersion Bible App


Which Name of Jesus do you need in the circumstance you face today? Will you call on Him, trusting that He will supply your every need?

Father God, I thank You that Your Truth and Your power are greater than my difficulties, struggles, and tribulations. I thank You for sending Your Son for counseling, comfort, compassion, and love. I thank You that I can call on the Name of Jesus and He will respond. Lord, make my first response be the desire to call upon Your Name, no matter what I face. In Jesus’ name. Amen //Names Of God study #wonderfulcounselor #princeofpeace #GodWithUs



On the 7th day of fitness my trainer gave to me – CORE STRENGTH AND HIP MOBILITY




on the 6th day of fitness my trainer gave to me – SHOULDERS AND LOWER BODY




On the 5th day of fitness my trainer gave to me
5 minutes of strong arms s-UPPER BODY STRENGTH

4 low impact dance moves with the GREATEST motivation to move! – STRESS AWAY

3 minutes of kickboxing – THE WILL TO FIGHT

2 drummers drumming – TENSION RELEASE

and an advent holy yoga for me – FOCUS & BALANCE


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