Healthy(er): a process of elimination

Prayer. It’s kinda like water. You know you need it but by the time you NEED it you’re already dehydrated. Dehydration causes a ton of physical side affects like lack of concentration, muscle cramping, irritability, headaches, ehem the inability to eliminate the stuff your body doesn’t need (aka constipation) …  


We NEED water so that our bodies can simply function. 

Physically and spiritually.

Today’s #SurrenderedLife devotional challenged me regarding the time I spend praying – (which is just talking to God) – am I taking full advantage of it because I need it to function or just chugging it when I’m dehydrated? Is my faith cramping, is my life lacking clarity, are my emotions having spasms/fits, am I irritable… Could I potentially be spiritually dehydrated/constipated? 


Prayer not only hydrates our spirit, it helps us get rid of the toxic junk that’s clogging our spirit. 
“we can have ongoing communication with the Creator of the universe if we will seek Him with our whole hearts. 
What keeps you from spending time on your knees on behalf of others? Or better yet, when was the last time you just spent time praising God because He is worthy of it? Spend time today asking God to make you a person of prayer. Our very existence depends on our communication with our Heavenly Father.” – Living The Surrendered Life a She Reads Truth devotional 

Process of elimination 

For over 6 months I was crippled & in pain!
Two years ago this time (Spring 2014) I was under the care of a medical team & neurologist – I was full of pain, unable to walk without my body feeling like it was on fire and extreme exhaustion. 
After months of blood tests & MRIs and finding out that I was ridiculously healthy there was only one solution to this ‘untreatable’ issue. We realized there were some things that could only be dealt with by getting honest through self inventory, prayer and surrendering to God; allowing Him to get rid of the fear, years of anxiety and other junk (excess emotional weight) I was carrying around. God completely restored my strength!! (Those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength – Isaiah 40:31) 

It wasn’t overnight. It was a process of elimination. 

In the book Wild & Free; friends Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan unpack a ‘hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough’. 

YALL!!!! (I promise I’ll stop saying this if I can find another word that expresses my full OH MY GOSH LOOK WHAT GOD DID) … Until then, YALL!!! 

This book; which doesn’t release until May 3, but I was picked to be on the book launch team so you get to hear about it now and I am most definitely having a book club with it; this book is everything God was doing in our lives, is doing in our lives and is getting ready to do so He’s getting us prepared!!! I’m only on chapter 2 and I’ve probably highlighted most of the book and yelled AMEN with eyes full of redemption tears because y’all (I warned you) He hears us! He sees us! He loves us! Oh how He loves us!!!!! He wants us to live in the freedom He sent His son to random for us. We were captive and Satan wanted paid and He sent His son, He paid it ALL! For our debts, our crimes, our mistakes, the wrong done to us, the offenses, the guilt, the shame. Y’all!!! He paid it all!!!!! 

I need you to get that! 

Our hustle for healthy is already completed in Him. We just need to eliminate the stuff that has us so constipated we’re balled up in the fetal position. I know it hurts. Because there’s something blocking the digestive system of our life and nothing nourishing can even get to us. It’s time to detox: spirit, soul & body 

Adjust your focus

“We don’t remember that we have a Father to supply all our needs. His love and presence are no longer what spices our life and makes our world sweet. So we gather, we buy, we collect, we curate, we wish-list, and we make Pinterest boards. ” – Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan: Wild and Free 


We add things to our life and to our rhythms in the belief that it will one day be enough. 

Process of Detoxification 

I originally posted this to encourage my fellow Revelation Wellness recruits because it’s week 6 of our #revwelltrain certification training & y’all it’s gettin’ real. Nutrition, self assessments, learning what serving your community looks like & listening to God’s instruction… 

We’re now standing where the newlywed honeymoon is over and the covenant promise of commitment to occupy where God has called you is right in front of us. At any rate, I thought the message was worth sharing for anyone that might need reminded to keep movin’… 

CHALLENGE: this week is an opportunity to ask & receive a new heart. 

This week is God tapping us on the shoulder and whispering redemption. 

This week is our chance to ask God for new desire, new focus, new attention, new purpose, new freedoms, new passion, new seasons… And then be willing to hear Him with open hearts, open ears and open hands.
I’m challenging myself to lean in closer to the ‘work’ WHENEVER I’m tempted to lean in toward anything, anyone or any way that might be unknowingly trying to distract me. 

This includes thoughts of overwhelm, feelings of lack of focus, feelings of limited time, feelings that steer me down a winding road of despair… Social media, BUSYness, food, etc… 

Reach out to someone who will be your prayer partner and allow them access to the space that Satan has been trying to trap you and kick him out. The bible promises that 2 can take out ten thousand and he knows it so he’s trying to isolate us.
I’m challenging you to press in this week friends. You were born for this battle. Suit up!

 Take some time today and listen to worship music and breathe 

Practice intentionally deep(er) breathing 

Inhale through your nose slowly on 4 counts til you feel your ribs rise and your belly extends, at the top hold for 2 seconds, slowly exhale from your mouth for 4 seconds giving your body to slump on the exhale. 

On the inhale make sure you’re not breathing and stopping at your throat and just lifting your shoulders, lift your chin off your chest and open your air way ON THE EXHALES OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND ACTUALLY HEAR YOURSELF SAY AH… It’ll be weird at first, but remind yourself that God created you with a breath!  

Give yourself permission to receive this new thing He’s doing.(Isaiah 43)


April Accountability 
April Accountability 

I want you to find that kind of freedom!!! 

During the month of April I would love to walk with you through the process. 

It’s not a get fit quick fix plan. No… it’s really all about gettin’ out the mental & emotional clutter and the junk, doing some weeding and seeding and finding your “moment” to recharge your original goals of living healthy. 

We’re gonna figure out why we got stuck in the first place, dig our way out and replant a few seeds that can bloom something fruitful.


By giving God access to teach us better nutrition, better physical health with effective fitness, de-stressing by decluttering thoughts & getting unstuck… 


Well, there’s a few things I’ve done to stop just ‘feeling better’ and start living & doing better. 

And how many of y’all know feelings fade but your life is what matters! 

God doesn’t play favorites. If He did it for me, He will certainly do it for you!! Change your mind, the rest will follow! 

Register HERE 

Let me share this prayer with you from Wild and Free

Holy Spirit, be gentle and complete and come remind us of who You made us to be. Father, take the eyes of our hearts and set them firmly on You as we seek to understand our identity and what direction we should be pointed in. In Jesus Name Amen

If you’d like to be added to the mailing list for the book club and receive some of the free gifts Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan are offering; comment below and gather a few friends & preorder your books here Wild and Free Preorder 

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