Happy Spring let’s celebrate you!

It’s the first day of spring so that calls for reason to celebrate YOU!  I just wanted to say that I’m proud of you for sticking with your goals and making this your lifestyle not just about getting the scale to move. So remember we talked about non-scale victories a while back? Well, when you’ve found some milestones to recognize what better way to honor your efforts than with a new pair of shoes or a new fitness outfit. Sometimes shedding off the dark, heavy layers of clothing can help us to see ourselves in a new perspective. I was just telling someone not long ago how God took me through an entire intervention of clearing my closet of a sea of black, brown, grey and navy blue clothes. I was afraid to wear color. NOT ANYMORE! The brighter, the better!!! Especially when it comes to fitness gear. I honestly think I move better when the clothes make my spirit feel alive, bright and cheerful. I know the work you’ve put in hasn’t been easily, but nothing worth having ever is. It get’s messy but it’s a beautiful mess. It get’s tough but tough is beautiful!

OOOK So here’s your celebration gift…

Brighten up your fitness gear with 30 % off your Entire order at Reebok!!

Reebok Start  Where You Are Tee

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Whatever you’re doing – stop! This is news you won’t want to miss… From March 19th and running through Sunday, March 22nd, Reebok is offering 30 % off your Entire order!!

Just a few of my personal favorites out…

 Reebok RUN top




Reebok Welcome Palm Tank


ReebokDance Tee



Why such generosity, you ask? Because Reebok genuinely appreciates your business and wants to say thank you. That’s why the promo code for this spectacular sale is … wait for it… THANKYOU! Reebok Women's Shoes

So if you’ve been thinking about replacing those tired kicks, or retiring your old faithful gym shorts or your just ready to bring a little sunshine to your workout – now is the time to do it!

Just use code THANK YOU and you’ll get 30% off at Reebok.com! The only exceptions to this offer are zPump’s and select new Nanocolorways.



Here’s to shifting our minds & focus into a new season and new opportunities!

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  1. Brooke Greene on March 20, 2015 at 6:49 pm said:

    I sure wish the zPump’s were added.

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