Guts & glory: an entirely new approach to FITness training

I don’t have any goals. Yet. I know, it’s the second week of the year and to some people I’m already behind…➕ but the way I see it, there’s a strategy that’s already mapped out; it was there before I was born; that simply includes me getting quiet and listening to see what God whispers.

And if I’m so full of me & my stuff I might miss it.

I don’t wanna miss it.

I’m not slacking so no need to be concerned or begin to question what happened to the passion.

I’m intentionally giving this space to God & His plans. If anything you can begin cheering now, because Satan just got notice. Oh yeah he’s gonna regret he ever messed with me.

Every day I get stronger.

Every day more certain.

Everyday I breathe in & out and I’m overwhelmed by the breath of God and how it transforms me: spirit, soul & body. Every. Day. Deeper. Dependence.

Profound Reliance in Christ.

 The most efficient, results driven & guaranteed training protocols ALWAYS require obedience. Whether it’s trying to set & achieve goals, create habits of better nutrition or establishing some sort of workout plan; the only sustainability & stickability; for any of the resources & how-to’s you gather; has to come from within. It starts with your conviction!  

But most deeply the way the Bible equips us for every good work is by changing what we find satisfaction in so that our obedience comes from within freely, not by coercion from without. It does this when we read it and meditate on it and memorize it and meditate over it every day. – John Piper 

Bold & courageous Guts – Stay Flexible

Flexible people don’t get bent out of shape! Watch this video on how to Stay flexible

One day at a time. 

One foot in front of the other. Breathe. 

Anxiety is like a wall made up of bricks from the fear that you can’t control the outcome but you can! 

The outcome is simply the result of the actions you make. 

Your actions are merely your decisions. 

You already made the decision. 

You’ve already started making the necessary actions (if not, START TODAY) – faith is a verb! 

Your faith has already done it! Countless times in the bible Jesus affirms people that their faith already did what they were asking Him to do. DILIGENT FAITH!! 

God honors that. He also rewards your diligence!!! 

Draw a circle around the things you’re believing God to do, don’t ever let your prayers linger away from that circle! 

Keep circling, the walls will fall down!!!  

You ever wake up and feel like God woke you up out of bed and said “let’s go, it’s time”… 

Yeah today my body feels like one big ball of tension screaming at me and every symptom I’ve had over the last few weeks have escalated as if my entire body is being squeezed. 
But squeezed in a way that feels like you’re squeezing that last little bit of toothpaste from the bottom of the tube because you just know there’s something else in there. THAT kind of squeezing… 
Oh friends, God is NOT finished with you! He has NOT forgotten about your dreams & the desires of your heart nor the prayers concerning your circumstances! 
To the contrary He’s wondering if YOU forgot about them! He’s wondering why you’ve started to edit them to meet a lower standard of expectation or set them aside and decided to settle. 
He’s asking you today to rise up. 
To walk EVEN WHEN you can’t see beyond what’s right in front of you THAT’S FAITH! 
To trust even when you haven’t gotten an answer to your questions. 
To keep trying and not be ashamed of your efforts because your STRENGTH is coming from Christ! 
Friends it’s time. 
Not when, not then… NOW! 
Get up and move toward God and He promises to move toward you!!! 

Workin’ on my FIT-ness …Time to get inneractive!!! 

A)  Use what you have

Start where you are…Use what you have – 


 • squats

 • push ups

 • triceps dips

 • modified mountain climbers 

The smallest changes can create big differences & changes in your life! Keep in mind the goal is never perfection but growth! 

 Please don’t EVER say it’s too expensive to ‘live healthy’ … I saw this today at @fivebelow besides, it doesn’t cost a thing to move, it is absolutely free! 

If you need help with lifestyle change, accountability, nutrition, focus, direction; please contact me TODAY to schedule a consultation!!! 

Take the Gold but don’t touch the Glory – Open your bible 

“The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭145:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬


“This is for you and this is for now!

 Open your bible! We just started on January 7. Go grab a copy and meet us back here to join the discussion! Week One video can be found on 

When we don’t open our bibles we miss out on the benefits of God’s Word – She Reads Truth

Until then answer these questions:

  • What’s your name and where are you from
  • Do you prefer coffee or tea
  • Read Psalm 119:98, 107, 130, 147, 165 – what does this first tell you about who God is? 

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