Freedom to love myself

FOCUS: Freedom to love myself:

Over the years, we’ve hit this topic under several different resources including, books, fitness challenges and even bible studies. But it keeps coming up so, I’ll keep talking about it until I find myself completely free from some of the lies I’ve listened to. Cuz you know good and well there are those pesky little things that seem to always keep coming up. (ehem – comparison, enough, self image) blekgh can we just toss those in the fire and watch ’em burn for goodness sake? Please Jesus please can I offer those as my sacrifice.

Oh if only it were that easy.

It’s really crazy because one of the things I started realizing was that I was afraid of my own value. Well, it wasn’t me that was afraid of me (that would be weird right cuz who does that) actually I was. I was convinced that I wasn’t worth it. I was convinced that I wasn’t worth the time God had taken to create this wonderfully talented individual with gifts that people might actually appreciate. I was convinced that when I looked in the mirror, the reflection looking back at me wasn’t worth getting dressed in REALLY nice clothes, jewelry and make up (kinda nice was ok but don’t dare go for the REALLY REALLY nice). I was convinced that my body was nearly 50 pounds heavier than it really was. I was convinced that every mistake I ever made in my past could be seen through my thin skin because I was a bundle of emotions that made me feel offensive, defensive, ignored, rejected and abandoned. I was convinced that I was not me. But I knew me was in there. Somewhere.


The desire to find that person often translates into performance. It tries. And tries. To be recognized, esteemed and honored. It strives & it craves and often becomes an insatiable appetite. But if all you think about is how much you’re craving these things and you don’t do anything about the cravings they will make you quite irritable. I mean for real, think about how difficult it is to fight of the craving of foods you’re trying so really hard to avoid. All you actually do is think about that food ALL. DAY. LONG. So here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna address the cravings. And free ourselves from the captivity of feeling like we’re trapped by the cravings!

Think of your negative feelings in the same way you think of the warning lights on the dashboard of your car. When flashing, they let you know that it’s time to ease up. 


I’ve collected a few resources to help you during this journey.

The first step to finding freedom is honoring yourself and loving who you are, all of you!!! Over the next 21 days, we’ll be digging up some rotten roots, killing off some weeds and planting new seeds.


Let’s not be wimps. We are warriors! With weapons. And we CAN fight! We CAN crush cravings!!! No more living in captivity of the cravings right? Let’s go take back the freedom that might have been stolen from us!!!

So let’s start here… (IMPORTANT!!! Sign up for the updates IF YOU’RE NOT ALREADY ON THE LIST to have the 21 Day FREEDOM challenge sent to your inbox)


What’s the biggest craving you’re currently having?


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