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Hey! So how are your new year goals coming? I know that I can get impatient & anxious this time of year if I’m not seeing the results I was hoping, but please remember that it’s a process (ALL OF IT) and any progress is better than staying where you were. Right?

Every goal that you’ve set requires a process. I hope that you’re keeping a journal of what the goal is; written down somewhere that you can actually go back and measure it. If you’re not keeping that record how will you know where you started and if you’re making progress? It’s kinda like taking a trip somewhere. If you just get in the car and tell your GPS system to “take you there”, it’s first going to ask you where you are then it’s going to ask you where ‘there’ is.

So, my first question for you is where are you right now, today. Not where were you on January 1st. It’s not January 1st anymore so where are you?

Ok, question 2, where are you trying to go?


Write them in the comments. I’m here to hold you accountable and if you can’t allow yourself to be honest then I can’t help you. Right? Ok.

Our challenge this month is all about freedom right? Freedom happens when you recognize that there may be a possibility of being stuck or shackled to something that you need to let go of or cut off. Just yesterday I realized that I was stuck in my own head. Stuck on the ideas but wasn’t moving on them and they were starting to make me feel overwhelmed because I had all of these ideas but didn’t have a plan. The book Make It Happen has helped me to put so much in perspective and even get messy with my ideas. I’ve started a daily regimen of just dumping my brain of all the ideas I have. I just get out a piece of paper and for a few minutes I just write. I write down the big scary “I wish I could do this” ideas and the smaller, I probably need to do this more often” things. It’s like a twenty pound boulder has been lifted off of my shoulders. Try it. Just for today.

Small changes add up. We get better, stronger, faster, more flexible by taking it one day at a time. You can’t undo or redo yesterday, you can’t fast forward into tomorrow. You have everything you need right now, today! Take what you have and use it to the best of your ability.

You are not a robot! BE MORE HUMAN!!!

So here’s an opportunity for you to move closer to your new year goals and jump start your Spring training!!!!

FREE TO MOVE weekend workout for our February Freedom challenge.

Complete the following exercises 1 minute each for as many rounds as possible.


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