Free Fitness gifts: 4 days of Christmas


Over the past several years, we’ve hosted one of our best & most popular fitness challenges The Holiday Body Challenge, which always includes the exciting 12 days of Christmas.

We’ve made our list, we’ve checked it twice, here’s the round up of all of the gifts both naughty and nice.

Fourth day of Christmas


On the 4th day of Christmas my trainer gave to me…

FOCUS: Define Yourself with the Holiday Body Challenge PiYo mission!!! 

The Goal: MOVE 


The Measure of Success: range of motion, flexibility, strength, balance, mental clarity & spiritual awareness that GOD IS FAITHFUL TO FINISH WHAT HE STARTED!!!  (Isaiah 66:9)  

It’s NEVER too late to DEFINE YOURSELF! 

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Third Day of Christmas

Mandy Reid Yoga

On the 3rd day of Christmas my trainer gave to me… The freedom to move with Mandy Reid. Mandy is one of the sweetest, most precious souls I’ve come to know in this ministry of movement. The heart of her mission is to lead others to worship Jesus as they find freedom in their body, mind and spirit. {“For in Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28a} Mandy serves as the administrative director for Holy Yoga Ministries’ Holy Yoga TV. We had the pleasure of being blessed by Mandy’s gift at Refresh Summit Tis The Season for giving gifts! 

Please enjoy this movement flow with Mandy! 

Second Day of Christmas


  On the 2nd day of Christmas my trainer gave to me… dance to #ShakeItOff Day 2: Gift comes from REfit Revolution they started a revolution that’s to be admonished. I thank God for women like this. Women who said why not. Who decided what if. Who pushed down the door of ‘what ever’ and did it like a boss!!! Courageous, focused, professional, giving, and always ready to dance. They’re contagious dance skills, they’re hearts for leading people to the truth of Christ and an awesomeness I’ve never known or seen. 


Visit the 12 Days of Christmas Playlist to get yo dance on!!! 

First Day of Christmas


It’s that time of the year… Holiday Body Challenge 12 days of Christmas. Showing some love to some of my Fitfluential fit family with a few fitness gifts to keep you movin during the holidays!  12 Days of Christmas Day 1 comes from one of the greatest fitness role models I’ve ever admired Cathe Friedrich her no-nonsense style of teaching inspired me to be the instructor/trainer I am today! 

Grab your #12DaysOfChristmas Gifts on the inneractive FITCLUB YOU TUBE Playlist 



12 days of Christmas gift BONUS

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