FOCUS: Which season is this?

Is it really winter? One day it was 85 degrees then all of a sudden it was 37 degrees. Then we all went shopping for winter coats only to be fooled by sunshine, blue skies, 70 degrees and bumble bees…in NOVEMBER and DECEMBER!

SERIOUSLY which season is this?

Has your life ever felt like that? Like you weren’t really sure where one season ends and another begins. Yet somehow they seem to mesh together tethering on the same thread of hope for a definitive change?

I was looking forward to the new season, even just a glimpse of the change that was familiar.

I caught it one day just as the sun came up. Behind a ground that was covered in frost and I was wearing a ‘cold weather coat’ but the forecast said there’s a chance of lots of sunshine today.


I carried on with my day and by the time I came back outside it was 85 degrees and no hint of this beautiful fall change was even there. Well, the trees were clearly changin colors but it didn’t “feel” like the change was there.

That’s life right? Every opportunity we get to notice the change, it could very well shift but it’s up to us to notice it and even when the noticeable familiarity isn’t there, we can still hold onto the evidence of the change. People may look at you and not see the process of your change. They may even watch your actions, the way you speak and even consider how you ‘handled’ a situation. They’re watching the season you’re in. They’re taking pictures of the identifiable familiarity of that season. Then they wait. They watch for the sudden shifts, even if they don’t see them immediately they wonder “HOW DOES SHE DO IT“.

What’s season are you in? What has your FOCUS this season?

Season of FLEXIBILITY & ENDURANCE: creating an opportunity to move the way you were created to move without breaking down and losing strength.

Fair enough, easy enough. Slight challenge but not to the point that I might give up. Oh but you just wait…

We are like clay jars in which this treasure is stored. The real power comes from God and not from us. We often suffer, but we are never crushed. Even when we don’t know what to do, we never give up. In times of trouble, God is with us, and when we are knocked down, we get up again. (‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭4‬:‭7-9‬ CEVUS06)


(graphic inspired by Kristin at Darwainian Fail)

I came across this picture from a fitness friend Kristen where she poured out her heart concerning her season of grief and it filled my heart with hope right smack dab in the season I was in. Praise God for the honest friends who aren’t afraid to share their weaknesses but also share their hope.

Well, it’s a new season, and a bit of change and a fresh breath of crispness is in the air!!! Mornings are much cooler and nights are much darker. That’s how you know it’s a new season.

It’s crazy how you make a declaration and suddenly you’re faced with the opportunity to uphold that declaration or fold and change your mind.

Originally, my goals for the past FEW month were flexibility and endurance. I decided that everyday I’d be diligent to use my time to harvest those seeds! Well almost immediately there it was, the opportunity to be flexible. THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENDURE. And what goes hand in hand with flexibility and endurance? Movement & Change.

Change will challenge you and challenge always always brings change. The key to the change is whether or not you’re willing to adjust your focus. Movement can seem daunting. I like to tell my Zumba folks, don’t dance, just move. Even if you’re the only one doing the ‘MOVE you choose’ just consider it your 15 seconds of fame and rock your solo! Maybe that’s the season you’re in right now. ROCK YOUR SOLO!!!

when you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. 

it’s to enjoy each step along the way.  -Dr. Wayne Dyer 


I think I’m in a season of movement awareness. A season of movement awareness fueled by HOPE; not just hope for the sake of hoping, not just aware to notice but consciously seeking what the promises of God have declared will be ours to hold and keep. Not just moving to get to a certain point but moving, fully aware and enjoying every step along the way.

As we finish out this year, I challenge you to take notice and begin asking yourself where you are. Ask yourself where is God in all of this. Ask yourself if you’re moving, aware and hoping. Ask yourself if you’re making the best yes.

Ask yourself “Am I giving a conscious ‘heart anchored in wisdom’ BEST YES concerning EVERYTHING?”

Every response, every thought, every action, every *reaction*, every word…

  • Am I saying yes just be included?
  • Am I saying yes just to feel needed?
  • Am I saying yes just to feel chosen?
  • Am I saying yes just to feel valued?
  • Am I saying yes when in the very next breath I’m nauseated at the scrambling of my schedule and overwhelming sense of *how am I gonna do that*…

Or am I saying yes with the assurance that I’ve preserved this time and space for a God appointed assignment (even if it’s just to be a listening ear for a friend)?

As we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, we celebrate that He came to bring us a promise, but that’s not where we hope. We hope in the fact that He is risen; not just for us to say hallelujah but for us to walk in that victory. If death couldn’t hold Him down. The grave couldn’t keep Him out, knowing that same power and authority is in us who have received Him as our own. Our hope; no matter what the season; is to move forward fully award that NOTHING can separate us from Him and the purpose He has for our very own lives…

How much more would He do for you…

He won it all for you & me!

Life pretends to be urgent when we aren’t focused on Godly advise and wisdom. Text messages, email, meetings, you name it and they all command our RIGHT NOW attention and access.

In order to make #TheBestYes outcomes for tomorrow, we must be willing to heed the wisdom and instruction today.

Sometimes we need to make changes in our daily lives. Not big changes, little ones. But it’s the little ones that create a ripple effect of transformation.


This season of awareness wouldn’t be so special to me without the hope we have for our niece Ayanna. She is currently fighting a battle with neuroblastoma. But she doesn’t stop moving. She is so aware of the breath in her lungs, the opportunity she has everyday to dance, and the joy that Jesus has given her that she tries to make every bit of it contagious. She is YanniStrong. 

I’d love to show her how much we support her fight and would love to have you join her as well.  Consider this season to show some love. Visit the YanniStrong campaign to donate, share a message with her or share with your friends and family to support her! 


Ayanna was chosen to walk with LeBron James at the Big Stars Little Stars charity event in Cleveland Ohio


Princess Ayanna

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  1. Awe thanks so much for the shout out today girl. That post meant a lot to me.
    I love all of your goals, and I hope you cherish this season! Sending all kinds of light and love today! xox

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