Progress Reports

You set a few goals. Remember those?

It’s time to take an honest assessment of where you are & why.

My daughter came home with a progress report that brought her to tears. My husband explained that while the grade on the report wasn’t her best work it was merely a progress report; telling her where she is right now. What he said to her next shifted her whole mindset. He asked ‘what’s your greatest strength?’ To which she replied “whatever I put my mind to I can accomplish!’

That’s the key. If your mind is set on where you are right now, guess what that’s where you’ll stay. But when you adjust your focus back to your goal, still understanding that the goal is growth and your progress report is an assessment of your growth; you can keep movin’!!!

Now, let’s take a look at this progress report

How far have you come since your initial commitment?

What have you done daily to get you toward a significant milestone?

What’s the measurable milestone?

What can you do today to move you from where you are right now?

What are your top 3 goals?

Have you accomplished them? Why or why not?

Who’s holding you accountable?


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