FOCUS: finished means new beginnings


Royal rangers and missionettes. That’s where we first learned John 3:16.

Our first introduction to The Gospel, church, children’s church, praise & worship, faith, hope and what we later came to understand as Christ’s true love.

We were tiny missionaries in the making with faith that was undaunted, unrelenting, unfiltered and immeasurable.

Childlike faith.

We believed, because it was written.

Jesus said so, so it was.

Every year we watched with amazing intrigue the retelling of the Crucifixion in a play “A Hill Called Calvary”.

The Roman soldiers, the whips, the spitting, the sound of the nails, the Cross.

It. Is. Finished.

Good Friday, the foundation of what made our faith possible.

Resurrection Sunday. 2 days was all it took. The plan was completed.

The greatest plan that was ever made. This is our hope.

This finishing. Was the beginning. The beginning of our hope of being able to let go of everything.

It’s our anchor when we feel like we’re sinking.

“When oceans rise; when my feet may fail I will keep my eyes above the waves. My faith is perfected in the presence of our Savior”

These three days. Good Friday. Finished. The wait. The stone rolled away.

A new beginning. Gods plan being fulfilled for our lives marked by a promise on a Cross for redemption, forgiveness, restoration, freedom.

That’s love.

I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth. 3 John 1:4.


One Thought on “FOCUS: finished means new beginnings

  1. I was a missionette back in the day too! And I love all that you are saying in this post!

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