FOCUS: Crossroads & changes

Would you be willing to join me on a 21 Day FOCUS CHALLENGE?

21 Days to get honest & get real & get the change you’ve been praying about? To be intentional about letting God in? Literally ‘letting go’ of the mess? God wants to meet us there. The mess might be the issues Ruth food, obsession with the scale, annoyances of life that seem to clog our thoughts and cause us to get tripped up by anxiety because we can’t fix it!

I’m joining the She Reads Truth community in their study of Hosea.

Here’s a brief understanding of why they’ve chosen this book of the bible and why I believe it’s EXACTLY what we need RIGHT NOW!

“Hosea calls us to repentance. It encounters us at that important crossroads where we can choose to face our sin or ignore it. We can choose to acknowledge the shame we’re carrying like a heavy pack on our weary backs, or we can keep walking and pretend it’s not there. This is what the book of Hosea does for me—it causes me to say things out loud to the Lord that I don’t want to say, and then forces me to stand and listen as He patiently and earnestly says back to me, “I love you, I love you, I love you.””

Are you in? If so all I need you to do is stick around. Make sure you’re signed up for email updates so we can continue to encourage each other. Comment below just so I know you’re breathing! 🙂

Let’s be intentional.

Keep your heart pumpin, spirit movin & get inneractive!


2 Thoughts on “FOCUS: Crossroads & changes

  1. I am here and breathing and accept the challenge (and the accountability)

  2. Michelle Parker on August 26, 2014 at 4:51 pm said:

    I am in!!!! Amen!

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