Five Minute Fridays: Break

Your most important work needs to be completed. But sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is set yourself up for success in a small way. – Joshua Becker Becoming Minimalist 

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This week’s prompt is: BREAK 


Ready? Go. 

Casting Crowns song Broken Together makes me realize that God never intended for us to just deal. Nor did He ever intend for us to go through this life trying to handle our issues OR victories alone.

Everything in our lives, the highs and the lows, the moments when we realize it kinda sucks; to the moments we realize that God just kinda sorta used us to bless someone in a way that we may never really know but we know something just happened; yeah those moments.

Those are the moments that God just taps us on the shoulder and says “Hey, you; you can take a break for a moment. Stop trying to make this work and stop trying to fit a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong.”

I’m learning that my broken; or should I say my recognition of my broken, is the beginning of my whole.

We are not merely the parts of a whole.

Pieces of us.

We are parts of the body. Individually on our own sure we play a significant part but together we complete the work. It’s like a puzzle. Each piece has a tiny hint of the puzzle’s formal layout but without each piece placed where it belongs, the picture is incomplete.

We are the body of Christ. Each one playing their part. We are the branches. 

We break away from the vine and we can only survive for a short time.


The Break of the Hardest Peace. 

The Hardest Peace

This week we pause to remember the life of Kara Tippetts, wife of Jason and mother of four, who fought the good fight and won. She was 38 years old, author of The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard, and was welcomed home on Sunday, March 22nd.

She showed us Jesus.

I had the honor of reviewing this book as a Family Christian Bookstores blogger and can I just say it was healing to my heart and soul. My prayers are with this family and everyone that has lost a loved one in the battle of cancer. I saw a post regarding her legacy…”Cancer lost. Heaven won.”

3 Thoughts on “Five Minute Fridays: Break

  1. Yes… our brokenness is used, so often, to point to His beauty!

  2. A beautiful and touching tribute. Thank you for sharing and many prayers to Mrs. Tippetts, Mr. Tippetts, their children, family, and friends.

  3. So true! We are all pieces of the same great puzzle. Love that image.

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