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If you’re just joining me, this post is a Five minute Friday post on the theme of TEAM; for 5 minutes I write.


Yesterday I visited a local Family Christian bookstore. I went in specifically to spend a gift certificate I was given but I had 2 books in mind that I absolutely knew I needed to get. Back up a few minutes. That morning I had a very humbling experience when I stuck my first hand stand. Now this might not seem like a big whoop for most people but friends can I tell you that this revealed some deep rooted fears I was still walking in. My sister friend, tribe warrior was practicing her hand stands and I happened to notice and smirkishly replied that she was kinda sorta showing off. So she politely invited me to try my hand at standing upside down. When she approached me in an effort to help me, I got afraid that she was going to make me do something I didn’t want to do but I also was terrified I would fail at it. Y’all the way she coached me through the process not only got the results of a handstand but it humbled me. She was on my team and I knew that, but something in me feared the judgement of not being good enough. The little girl who never got picked on the teams in PE class, the little girl who was bullied on the monkey bars and flipped off and landed head first was afraid of landing head first. The little girl who was awkward and lanky kept saying I can’t so leave me alone. She didn’t. She never offered judgement. She only offered her hand, her help and her peace.

When I went to family Christian to pick up these books; Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst and Without Rival by Lisa Bevere my heart was desperately ready to shift and shake this muck that has risen to the top. Not even 5 minutes in the door and I saw an old friend. We greeted and small talked and they soon realized that what they were looking for wasn’t in the store and they had just whispered a prayer asking God why they were even there only to turn around a see me. Our conversation unveiled the faithfulness of God’s promises concerning some prayers I had been sending toward heaven. My friend was on my team.


This quote from Lisa Bevere’s Without Rival makes me realize that we are in this together when we allow God to lead us even in the midst of challenges, including handstands!


Are you in the middle of a challenge?

Be encouraged this might be your path to that “something more” you’ve been longing for!

Don’t COWER—IT’S TIME TO CLIMB! A life ‪#‎WithoutRival‬ will be contended!

Family Christian bookstores so graciously offered me a $25 gift certificate to visit their store or shop online AND to give one away. So I bought my books and I can’t wait to jump right in. I’m really excited to read Lysa Terkeurst’s Uninvited, because, well I’ve found myself there too. And yes that girl showed up in the frustration of the handstand too. Friends I’m speaking again at Refresh Summit this year and I’m inviting you to come sit with us, laugh with us, workout with us and perhaps do a few handstands. Register here for your spot with Refresh Summit and get your name in a drawing to receive the gift certificate! Once you’re registered simply email me the copy of your conformation and I’ll drop your name in the hat!



Incomparably made. Uniquely loved. Powerfully purposed.




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Full Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Family Christian Stores and my experience, topic thoughts, and book selection choices are my own.

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