Five minute Friday: Create

It’s Five Minute Friday time and this week’s writing prompt is CREATE.

Setting my timer to write for 5 minutes…and GO


This past week, I look around my circle of friends, the classes I teach, my church family and my biological family; and I was overwhelmed to the point of tears at the diversity.

Every race, every age, every background, the varying heights and postures, the tapestry of laughs, the personalities on display and the way we all come together connected by one strand.


The same God that took special attention to the way He made every detail of the universe.

The same God that took time when He decide to create.

Made each of us.


As I stood in the check out line at Target speaking to the cashier who had aqua colored extensions, tattoos and piercings we laughed at how boring life would be if everything was all one color.

When God decided to create, He gave everything a name and color and vibrancy and purpose.

Including you and I.

We were never intended to be the same.

I wonder what would happen if we took that, and decide to create something.


It’s your turn! Share your own five minutes of free writing on the prompt, CREATE, below! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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4 Thoughts on “Five minute Friday: Create

  1. Yes, it would be sooo boring! I love that picture of you laughing with the cashier. We need to create more moments like that in the world so love wins. TY!

  2. We were never intended to be the same and thank you God that he chose this for us. What a beautiful table of food we make when we are together. Great five minute free write, friend. Glad to have come by from #fmfparty at Five Minute Friday. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend. xxoxoxo

  3. Cynthia Swenson on July 16, 2016 at 1:28 am said:

    I will create a comment, lol. Good words here and since I don’t see any comments, I want to say thank you for sharing! Love, in Jesus, Cynthia

  4. I love this post! Appreciating the creativity of our Creator in making us. Thanks for this reminder and your heart in sharing. Visiting from FMF #13 Blessings to you.

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