Finish what you started

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is DEAR.

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Ready? GO.

Dear finish. A year ago to the date…I had a plan.



Seek Him firstand all these things He’ll add to you.

Discipline. Focus on the FIRST not the things.

But knowing He literally was working on His plan (Jeremiah 29) kept my FOCUS & kept me in the fight.


I set about making my goals for 2014 and “where I wanted to go/be”; when distractions (like that joy thief called comparison) tried to get the best of me, when I adjusted my focus to be ANCHORED; He still reminded me, FIRST. Seek Him First.  I decided that nothing would separate me. Then came the nothing.

Nothing became everything I could imagine that tried it’s best to separate me.

Sickness. Death. Loss. Grief. Brokenness. Death. like clockwork they came, trying to befriend me. Still. I pressed to remain faithful to seek Him First. That was the focus. To seek HIM. His face, His hand, His grace. Seek Him. Seek Him. not even JUST His hand. Not even JUST His face. Not even JUST His grace. Even though in the midst of it all, I knew that in seeking Him I would also find all of those.

It is finished. That’s what I kept hearing. I kept hearing His voice. Seeking Him I found and heard His voice. Like the scriptures quote “A voice calling out to one in the wilderness” I heard because I was seeking.

In all of the seeking I even began to see things much clearer.

So much revelation of the scriptures I’d heard for years but even passed not as scripture but I honestly thought were something from one of Shakespeare’s poems.

For now we see through a glass darkly, but soon we will know. 

I sought the Lord. First. And He opened my eyes. Amazing Grace.

Dear Finish, I know what it means to seek. I know it means that I will find. I know that it means when the Lord says “it is finished” it’s not finished like done, it means it’s finished like Satan back off, I’m just gettin’ started with this one and she’s mine and she’s dangerous.

Dear Finish…oh death where is your sting!!!!!!!


One Thought on “Finish what you started

  1. Thanks for reminding me of these truths..visiting as your FMF neighbor.

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