Day 2 Advent: give yourself the gift of retreating during the holidays

Make Room for Advent –  Day 2 


If you’re just joining us, we are practicing making some room for the Lord during this season of Advent. This year we’re reading the Naptime Dairies devotional Make Room For Advent along with thousands of other women who’ve decided there’s no better time to pause, than in the often hurried season of the holidays.

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Today, let’s take some time to retreat and stretch out and realize that Jesus will meet us right in the middle of our mess.

Let’s commit to take some time today, this week, this entire month to calm our spirits and clean our hearts.

This week’s gift is RETREAT!!!

red berries

The words from devotional contributor Becky Keife are such a gift. She reminds us “A messy house is better than a messy heart.  There’s nothing wrog with a clean house – shiny sinks and sparkling toilets can speak love and hospitality when prepared unto God. But if I’m choosing between the state of my home and the state of my heart, I know the better choice.”

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my trainer gave to me the gift of retreating to be alone with the Lord. Let’s recognize what’s really important through the Christmas season. Create some space with Holy Yoga teacher Caroline Williams 



In case you missed it: Here’s Day 1

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