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20130311-004015.jpgThe mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William A. Ward

Anyone that’s ever stepped into a new group fitness class; bought a new fitness DVD or decided to begin exercising has realized that fitness comes in every style & purpose. It can be fun, functional, exhilarating, relaxing and sometimes the thing you love to hate…(FYI, the fitness trainer in me fuels off of this love/hate stuff)!

I’ll be the first to admit that I do love fitness, every type. But I also know that not everyone is as excited about the idea of working out, so I try to help folks find fitness that matches their goals are or even their personalities. I’ve seen tons of articles that talk about finding the fitness program that matches your personality, or your ‘fun factor’; which is a great way to connect with the workout and potentially shake off the intimidations that often come with trying something new. But sometimes, we need a fitness program that gives us a little nudge. You know that little nudge we’d give to our own best friend when we see her really close to a goal she’s been trying to accomplish but she’s considering giving up.

Yeah, I found that nudge.

It’s called XTRAIN Tabatacise ! It’s the nudging-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone-to-get-results workout!…

I had an opportunity to review Cathe Friedrich’s XTRAIN TABATACISE. I wanted to make sure you heard both sides of the story. Yes I’m a fitness professional, but underneath that hat, I’m just a woman (mom) who also has fitness needs. I need a fitness program that won’t waste my time. One that if I’m going to give up any amount of time whether it’s 5 minutes or 50 I want to know I’m getting out of it what I put in.

XTRAIN TABATACISE did not disappoint me!!!


So, I guess I should tell you that the fitness enthusiast in me was super amped to test out this DVD, and the trainer in me was stoked to have this gem in my hands – much respect for this industry leader! Anyway, both sides of me loves the idea of trying something new and loves the adrenaline of the challenge. However,  as we jumped and squatted and woke up muscles I’d forgotten about, I noticed a definitive separation & opportunity when the enthusiast was watching/doing &  the trainer/student started doing/learning.

By the way, I invited my husband who runs & boxes to stay fit; to participate in my initial review. I wanted to get a male perspective on “how was it”. Let’s just say he was amped when it all began.


“ready and willing”

Fitness fan perspective:
Cathe’s XTRAIN TABATACISE “HITT” me where I needed it most. As a fitness enthusiast, I loved her unintimidating yet no nonsense approach to exercise. She’s thorough & very specific telling you exactly which exercises are coming. And the countdown clock on the screen kept me in the game (and secretly gave me permission to pull back because I knew there were more to come). I love that Cathe has a way of cheering you on without being cheesy. However, do not deceived, this little tiny woman is a beast!

Trainer perspective:

As a fit pro, we’re obligated to allow our lives be an example, that includes being willing to continue learning. Staying on top of our game means pushing yourself outside of your strengths & weaknesses. Oh, boy did Cathe do that!

Let me just say that I have been a HUGE fan of Cathe Friedrich for years so having the opportunity to review one of her DVDs is an honor. No scratch that, it’s a dream come true. I don’t think I can do justice explaining to you that Cathe Friedrich inspired me to become the instructor I am today.

SIDEBAR: Anyone that’s participated in the inneractive FITCAMP can go ahead and give Cathe Friedrich her standing ovation. I owe so much of my teaching style & approach to her. I remember referencing her DVDs as a new instructor hoping I could be THAT awesome one day, I hope I have.

Ok, enough about that!

Going into this DVD I knew Cathe wouldn’t disappoint me. But like I said earlier, she’s tiny but a BEAST. Through every exercise & working movement, she taught me as a trainer to let your students she you work. Let them see you ‘feel’ what they’re feeling. The entire DVD she was sweating as much as, if not more than me. She got down & dirty and did the work WITH us. It’s a pet peeve of mine to see the instructor walk around while I’m doin’ all the work. I wanna know that they know what I feel! I think that made me push even more. When I’m teaching a class, my goal is for my students to leave feeling like they’ve accomplished something awesome. I felt like I was in one of her classes and I honestly wanted to find my greatest potential and say I DID THAT, and she was doin’ it with me. MAN, I tell you that was crazy motivation!

And I can’t even lie, I was gasping for air. My daughter heard me scream OH MY GOSH!!! She laughed and asked me if I actually enjoyed the ‘struggle’ so I politely grunted a “YES IT’S MAKING ME STRONGER AND A BETTER INSTRUCTOR”. Her quick “if you say so” translated as “then you BETTER NOT QUIT” and that… is officially where the love/hate relationship kicked in.

"I ain't foolin' with y'all" translation: "this ain't no joke"

“I ain’t foolin’ with y’all” translation: “this ain’t no joke”

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that’s the Gold Seal of approval!

We are what we repeatedly do. 
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.- Aristotle

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