How I lost my weight and why I don’t want your stuff

What if you stopped allowing what other people think dictate who you’re going to be and started living your life in a way that allows God to start blessing you more than you could ever bless yourself? HE WANTS TO DO THAT (Ephesians 3)

Earlier this week I was given the opportunity to listen to and review the new Matt Redman CD Glory Song. Y’all. I can’t. I can’t even explain what happened since I started listening to it. I literally feels like he may have found every journal I’ve ever written and started playing a melody to the heart songs I’ve sung over the years of brokenness, redemption and restoration. I shared some of this breakthrough song story on facebook and wanted to share it with you.


Every response we have in life is either out of fear or love // Bill Johnson

Yesterday I watched this unfold right in front of me. I shared something with someone that mirrored what they were doing/saying and immediately the person retaliated with a defensive “well I said it first”. Initially it caught me by surprise until I realized that the defensive posture to protect territory is also the response of fight or flight.

Love or fear.

Every response is rooted there.

Every word we speak is either rooted in recognizing that God has more than enough for all of us or it’s rooted in the poverty mind set of lack.

Every response of elbowing, cat clawing and erecting walls to guard our stuff is rooted in the fear response of OH NO YOU WONT I HAVE WHAT I HAVE AND YOU AINT GETTIN NONE OF THIS.

Every time we decide to shut out & close off or rise up and strut; it’s rooted in the fear of a case of mistaken identity & not being seen.

Every response rooted in love declares our recognition of the limitless God whose image we were created in, an extension of His hands, the movement of His feet, the Trust of His strength, the inheritance of the mind of Christ and the ownership of our seat at The Kings table as heirs to the throne.

What’s your response to life?

Answer me when I cry out, my righteous God! Set me free from my troubles! Have mercy on me! Listen to my prayer! How long, you people, will my reputation be insulted? How long will you continue to love what is worthless and go after lies? Selah Know this: the LORD takes personal care of the faithful. The LORD will hear me when I cry out to him.
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭4:1-3‬ ‭CEB‬‬

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About the album:
Matt Redman teamed up with several of his worship-artist friends for this album, first releasing the track “Gracefully Broken (feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard).” Tasha Cobbs Leonard also released her own version of this song on the same day! The album also features Kierra Sheard, Guvna B, Madison Cunningham, and Kim Walker-Smith.

Social Corner:
Gracefully Broken Top Of The Tower Live Video:

Gracefully Broken (Lyric Video):

Gracefully Broken (Song Story):

Buy Link:

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Creating space for gratitude, faith and patience


The average person wants direction.

The average person lacks focus.

The average person longs for purpose.

The average person is lured by comparison.

The average person identifies with being overwhelmed and overworked.

The average person admits they need authentic peace.

The wanting, the lacking, the luring, the identifying, the admitting; how easy it is for us to be caught in the snare of satan when we don’t know who we are and what freedom God is calling us to. (Hebrews 12)

Whether we’re proclaiming our accolades, checking off to-do lists or simply trying to catch our breath; we’re all just average people trying to find our way through this maze that life has claimed is the best route.

In Proverbs 14:12 we are reminded that ‘before every person lies a road that seems to be right, but the end of that road is death and destruction’. Proverbs 14:12 A road that SEEMS TO BE RIGHT.

Friends this is where we get the opportunity to LOOK UP!

For our next Guidepost to Whole-hearted Living I’m giving you a two for one because I believe they work hand in hand.

Cultivating gratitude and joy, Letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark

AND Cultivating intuition and trusting faith, Letting go of the need for certainty

Y’all we get to look up. THIS IS OUR GET TO!

Of course we have a choice. To keep treading ahead naval gazing and determined, staying on the path the world hands as us their blue prints of success, weight loss plans, parenting guides and 10 steps to this or that; but friends, God has already written a plan that’s created for our greatest good. (Jeremiah 29:11) And because without Him, we are just average; in Him we are all that He has created us to be. If we decide to just keep walking, staying out of the way as I’ve heard some describe it; the hustle becomes our blinded guide and before long we have slowly faded into the depths of this surge of doing and we’ve ceased to have an identity, disregarding who we are becoming let alone our own sense of being. WE GET TO CREATE SPACE for authentic, whole hearted gratitude, joy, intuition and trusting faith. Friends don’t miss that part about AUTHENTIC WHOLE HEARTED-ness… We can posture and pretend all day. But seriously, you don’t think God can see through that. The authenticity comes when we begin to create the space by letting go of what we were never created to be able to control. The desperate grasping of a scarcity mind set says I must hold on as if there can’t possibly be enough of this to go around and by all means let me save some of this gratitude and joy for later in the event that God doesn’t give me another reason to be thankful. Friends. Y’all. Can we just pause for a moment. Like for real and pull out a pen and paper and make a list of 5 things you can be thankful for right now. Seriously. Make the list. Don’t just think about it. WRITE IT DOWN.

Now. Make another list. Write down the things that bring you joy. Like real joy. Like you can’t contain the smile, the tears, the heart-flooded feelings of being overwhelmed by this goodness. What are those things. Write them down.


When we let go of the stuff that’s weighing us down; the stuff that’s robbed us of our opportunity to be grateful; the stuff that’s stolen our peace; the stuff that has tried to take up residence in our hearts, minds and identity; THEN we will have the space that GRACE has fought hard for us. This space is sacred and satan wants nothing more than to claim that he owns it and us.

Create space.

Seek justice. Take back your gratitude.

Love mercy. Cultivate your faith.

Walk humbly. Let patience have it’s perfect work in you.

We have a beautiful opportunity to let go of the things that are weighing us down. No longer will we be held captive by the scarcity mindsets, the fear of the dark (unknown) or the need for certainty (control). Yes we can do this, with God.

“Our desires to be healthy and whole in the body of Christ cannot be flesh focused. Flesh focused goals are fleeting. God is not interested in the outer things changing as much as He is interested in an inner change.” – Alisa Keeton, Weigh Less to Feed More (WL2FM)

Join us for the next WL2FM beginning November 8. It’s 8-10 weeks of FOCUSED, INTENTIONAL, TRANSFORMING faith THEN food & fitness perspective. Registration information can be found on here.

This was my prayer today.  Take a moment and let it wash over you. Keep your hearts pumpin and spirit movin’, #getinneractive



So many hats


So I’ve really been meditating on our Revelation Wellness Instructor hashtag for this month; #thisismylegacy…what does that look like?

Last night in our WL2FM group as we read through the story of quail & manna (Exodus 16) I saw something I’d never seen in that message.

The legacy.

The legacy of the rewards for obedience.

The legacy of the promise fulfilled.

The legacy of following.

The legacy of building the ark of the covenant.

The legacy of listening to the instructions and trusting that He is better at being God then we ever will be and we can believe He knows EXACTLY what we need… #thisismylegacy


What does your legacy look like?

So many hats, only one head.

So many leaders, He’s looking for followers.

So many demands, only one purpose.

So much advise, only 🗣 ONE WISDOM.

So many ways, only ONE TRUTH.

Hey friends. Can we pause today and shake this junk off?

Let’s have a conversation with our conscience and recognize the source of hope, the motives behind our actions and the purpose in our plans. There’s a very real and present agony that’s blazing trails and grasping for honor but the fear behind these efforts is attached to massive destruction.

Can I drop a #truthbomb in love?

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. Those who follow the right path fear the LORD; those who take the wrong path despise him. A fool’s proud talk becomes a rod that beats him, but the words of the wise keep them safe.

A mocker seeks wisdom and never finds it, but knowledge comes easily to those with understanding. Stay away from fools, for you won’t find knowledge on their lips.

Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can fully share its joy.

There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death. Laughter can conceal a heavy heart, but when the laughter ends, the grief remains.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭14:1-3, 6-7, 10, 12-13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Whether intentionally or not, we are leaving a legacy. Let’s check our intentions, motives and hearts and make certain that IT is something we want to be remembered by.

What’s your legacy?

How many days til it becomes a habit


Though the path is uncertain, You are so faithful to shed just enough light for me to see the very next step. Too much revelation and I’d pridefully run ahead of You. Too little and I’d be paralyzed with fear. So I’m seeking slivers of light in Your Truth just for today and filling the gaps of my unknown with trust. // Uninvited – Lysa TerKeurst



Do you mind if I share something with you friends?

This morning God started showing me how most of us are trapped in this space where we’re afraid to be honest for fear of looking weird or lost, but what we don’t seem to realize is that our honesty is liberating and an invitation to setting others free! I’m willing to admit that for the past few years I felt God asking me to get lost. To literally lose myself, in Him. To {be willing} lose the stuff, the status, the clout, the whatever IT was that might be holding me back not just from reaching my potential but the stuff that we call blessings that have slipped into the position that’s suppose to be reserved for God. So yeah I guess I could say I’ve attempted to get lost but I feel like I’ve been wandering. And what’s that saying …not all who wander are lost?

It’s been 12 days since I accepted a challenge from a friend to finish out the last 100 days of this year with intention.

The challenge was to choose one thing and do it mindfully for all 100 days. I had actually lost count of what day we were on til I looked back at the original challenge post.

So it’s been 12 days. And my challenge to myself is to LIVE LOVED.

To live like I know I’m loved.

Not based on anything I’ve done, but simply (though overwhelmingly remarkable) because of who God is.

Living loved is an intention that’s unpacked in the pages of the book Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. It’s honestly an assessment of what’s trying to steal our joy, confidence, worth, and trust. It’s a fruit of the spirit that’s often smothered and choked out by bitterness, resentment, fear, distrust and rejection. These bitter seeds produce nothing bitter fruit and no one wants to openly admit that they’re bitter, fearful, rejected. No in fact what often happens is we mask those words and feelings with quotable phrases and mantras and positive affirmations that we try to meditate on, hoping the pain that’s hidden under the smile will slowly fade. That’s not living at all. And that’s certainly not living loved. I’ve been there and honestly some of those feelings go so far deep beyond the trenches of my soul that I can’t even begin to guess where the roots end. But God’s love, meets me right here today without any record of my misconduct, in the midst of whatever I’m feeling and His grace doesn’t ask me anything other than “do you believe” and will I receive it.

Romans 8:38 promises me that NOTHING can separate me from God’s love and I know that full well.

That’s not my challenge.

My challenge is living like I know it and believe it.

Today our morning devotion with our kids talked about believing what you can’t see; when we honor and trust it, this is the fullness of living by the Spirit (the Holy Spirit); not to be confused by the spirit of entitlement, the spirit of foolishness, the spirit of pride or any other bossy spirit that tries to undermine the TRUTH of God’s word.

NOTHING can separate us friends.

Not our mistakes, not our wrongs, not our rights, not anything done to us or through us, not our negative thinking, fear, anger, resentment… none of the stuff that seems to invade our lives can separate us. He won’t love us any less if we decide to just sit down, fold our arms and throw a tantrum and He won’t love us anymore when we decide to stop pouting and carry on with life.

His love never fails and it never stops giving.  I’m sorry but that just feels like so much that I can’t even wrap my brain around it sometimes.

Psalm 103:8-12The Voice (VOICE)*

The Eternal is compassionate and merciful.
    When we cross all the lines, He is patient with us.
    When we struggle against Him, He lovingly stays with us—changing, convicting, prodding;
He will not constantly criticize,
    nor will He hold a grudge forever.
10 Thankfully, God does not punish us for our sins and depravity as we deserve.
    In His mercy, He tempers justice with peace.
11 Measure how high heaven is above the earth;
    God’s wide, loving, kind heart is greater for those who revere Him.
12 You see, God takes all our crimes—our seemingly inexhaustible sins—and removes them.
    As far as east is from the west, He removes them from us.

Meditate on that. Selah.

So back to this challenge.

I’m on day 12. It’s not been an easy challenge. I don’t like calling it a challenge. Let’s call it a journey. A 100 day journey. (For real, the theme song to Gilligan’s Island just started playing in my mind)…

Add to that, this month’s blog focus is LOSE IT: Whatever IT is; and y’all I couldn’t have planned this if I tried. Today I stared at the description of the October challenge and laughed at the screen because in order for me to live loved, I’m gonna have to lose something (it); whatever IT is! 12 days. Living loved.

And it’s also week 6 of our Weigh Less to Feed More nutrition bible study which this week is focusing on being filled with God’s love in our inner being (Ephesians 3); not to mention it’s day 23 of the Clean Hearting Challenge which parked on being content and all of this; there’s a theme growing; this seems to be knitted together in some kind of tapestry God is trying to get me to see. It all comes back to the heart. See this is how satan works. He doesn’t mind that God’s word is in our lives; that we can memorize and quote the bible, sing worship songs or wear it on a tshirt; he just wants to make sure it’s not in our hearts. (Above all else guard your hearts Proverbs 4:23) People will tell you to listen to your heart and lead with your heart but the bible also warns us that our hearts can be deceptive, (Jeremiah 17); this is why we NEED the Holy Spirit to help us discern what IT is that’s potentially toxic and causing us to lean left when we know we should go right.

The choices and consequences are clear. Rely on people alone, and life will be tough and brutish.

Rely on the one True God, and life will be rich and productive. Jeremiah 17:7-10

So the challenge. I mean journey. Day 12. Today I got nothing. No that’s not true. Today I got the promise of sisterhood rooted in Christ. I found the commitment rooted in trust and truth. I found the confidence of knowing that God surrounds us with kindred hearts who have His purpose hidden in their hearts and so they extend their hand to lead you. I found it when I wasn’t even looking. Today, I found exactly what we told our kids. Believe it when you can’t see it, then when you see it you’ll believe it.

Day 12 is also day 4 of what I’ll call a stone I’ve picked up on this journey. Day4 of 31 days of writing on purpose. 31 days within those 100 days of removing obstacles to set my mind, heart and body free. 31 days of learning and writing and sharing the unforced rhythms of grace. Living loved.

How many days til it becomes a habit?



*The Voice (VOICE)

(The Voice Bible Copyright © 2012 Thomas Nelson, Inc. The Voice™ translation © 2012 Ecclesia Bible Society All rights reserved.)

Are we feeding faith or fear: Overcoming Anxiety 


Have you ever dealt with anxiety? 

I have. FOR YEARS!!! And here’s where I found the solution! 

And I continue to use it whenever new issues, people, things, and problems try to overwhelm me! 

And yes, you’ll need to continue to ‘work it out’ on a regular basis just like one visit to the gym won’t make you fit, one prayer won’t keep you well! 



I started this devotional on the bible app and asked God to help me remove anything that’s a distraction from allowing Him access to my heart, (Psalm 139:23) my life and my mind. I’d love for you to join me. 

The 21 Day Plan – We start TODAY! 

I’m reading the @YouVersion plan ‘Living the Surrendered Life’. Check it out here:

No spirit of fear

Friends, Grace covers us and removes every fear, every anxious thought, every regret, every what if, every thought that tries to hold itself higher than the name of Christ, every doubt that says we can’t because we think we are either not enough or too much, every deception & lie that disguises itself as truth and tries to convince us that it’s too late or too soon. Grace is the qualifier. Grace IS the reflection of the cross & the Cross was enough! 

For you, me & her and all the rest of them! 

I’ve seen many searching for answers far & wide and I know we’re all searching for answers only you provide and you know just what we need before we say a word. 

➕ And you call me deeper still… (Good Good Father Chris Tomlin) 

““It shall come to pass That before they call, I will answer; And while they are still speaking, I will hear.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭65:24‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Listen to Search My Heart by Hillsong UNITED on @AppleMusic.