Fear or freedom

What moves you?

Fear or freedom?

What stirs the motives of your heart, your words, your actions, your thoughts, your time, your habits, your movements ?

Is it fear or freedom? —————-

We get to decide if the life we live is one birthed out of the fear that God won’t or can’t do it for us so we might need to do it for Him; OR maybe that fear has whispered the opportunity to measure your life with the standard of someone else’s failures or successes; or maybe fear has tainted you with the mistakes, misuse and abuse of your past OR maybe, we get to decide that what He has planned for us is based on the promise that He made in His Word before we were ever born and that promise is being fulfilled (regardless of the interruptions & delays) in due time, so we have nothing to fear and are in fact not shackled to the lie that it’ll never happen.


Today’s passage from Galatians 4 talked about the ways we function (actually dysfunction) in self-sufficiency and find ourselves incomplete yearning for more.
Galatians 4 offers us the truth of the story of Abraham, Sarai and Hagar how they birthed one thing out of self-sufficiency and literally birthed generations of slavery and then birthed something from the root of The Promise and birthed generations of freedom.

Isn’t it so true that we are living out of a place of fear based self-sufficiency when our well intentioned goals are completely dependent on what we can perform, discipline ourselves and do for ourselves we find ourselves by ourselves and frustrated. BUT GOD.

This is where I am today. And honestly I’ve wrestled quite a bit with the lie of “you know better, you should look better” and had to come toe-toe with the enemy and dare him to answer me when I asked “KNOW BETTER THAN WHAT, LOOK BETTER THAN WHO”…but Y’all I couldn’t ask that question in my own strength because I would have had all sorts of lists of comparisons to measure myself.

I had to come face the enemy from the place of freedom not fear.

Today, I’m surrendering my body. From the Wellness Revelation detox I’ve learned that I haven’t fully done that. I was still comparing myself with myself (both the old self that knew how to go hard and even the new self that owned freedom) and God revealed that I was doing it trying to prove something. I know that He wants it all, the know how and the cluelessness.

So today I surrender all.

So what motivates you? Fear or freedom?

Back to Basics: Breathe

This month our FOCUS is “BACK TO BASICS” and we’re covering everything that falls in the category of the foundational Truths of who you are!! Starting with the most essential thing: BREATHING!

A friend just asked “God is still writing your story, what are you most looking forward to seeing Him write”…

So this is where I tell you to BREATHE.

inhale exhale

Inhale. Exhale.

God hasn’t forgotten you and He didn’t design you and walk away, wiping His hands, shrugging His shoulders, mumbling ‘they’ll figure it out’. No, He’s right there fine tuning and shaping us everyday looking at what He designed seeing a reflection of Himself, calling us GOOD. Knowing that with each breath we take and every season of our lives there will be pruning and growth and newness and a shedding away of the unnecessary; He breathes on us like a fresh wind that blows away the staleness of life and restores our souls. He brings a refreshing rain that waters the seeds that were sown in the soil of our heart and He sends people across our path to tend to those seeds. He doesn’t leave us to write this ourselves!!!

So my kids started school today, as they got out of the car I couldn’t help but lose a bucket of tears that were splattered with joy, peace, patience, looooong suffering…

Every fruit of the spirit flooded my soul at once but not to mention the angst of the fruits of bitter roots. Watching them walk away into a new season of their lives was literally watching the faithfulness of God through some uncertain seasons of my own life.

Inhale. Exhale. God’s got it.

My kids are 18 months apart. I remember when we found out the youngest was coming. Shocked. Scared. Unprepared.

Inhale. Exhale. God never left us to write the story alone.

Today they started 10th & 9th grade. Inhale. Exhale. ‪#‎getinneractive‬ ‪#‎GodsGotIt‬ ‪#‎breathe‬ ‪#‎backtobasics


Where is God asking you to breathe? Where have you given Him permission to breathe a fresh focus on your life?

Jeremiah 31:24 God promises to satisfy the weary soul and every languishing soul will refresh.

Let’s get back to the basics friends and allow God to breathe on us for some refreshing!

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Back to Basics is our annual August challenge, and I’m excited to tell you that this year we have the amazing opportunity to expand what we’ll be discussing in the basics by taking it deeper with Weigh Less to Feed More. To find out about this grace-filled program click here and get registered QUICKLY I only have a few spaces left!

FITness: Learning something new ReDiscover YOU

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never have?

Why not?

What stopped you?

What if you discovered that there’s nothing standing in your way but you?

Living a healthy lifestyle (from the inside out) is a combination of understanding & unlearning your current lifestyle and a willingness to learn how to apply new ideas, thought patterns and habits.

Its less about bout getting it right And more about getting it done.

“Our physical bodies may wander. At times our souls may feel orphaned and lost. But deep within, through the layers of external identity, we can burrow down to the deepest part of who we are, the quiet center we know is in there, the grounded place we’ve felt but can’t see. This solid ground, this rock identity, this fixed point by which all other points are measured, this is our spiritual self, our alive-ness in Christ, our true home.” – Simply Tuesday


Why is it that we have such a strong desire to be a part of something or fear being left out that we pine for it even at the risk of neglecting what we already belong to?

It’s typically not the things we feel obligated to but the things that have become so ordinary to us that we stutter to notice the slightest significance within the relationship.

Going after the desires of our hearts and using our abilities often means going in the opposite direction of the crowd.

It sometimes means that there will not be a manual or an example to follow. Because maybe, JUST MAYBE YOU ARE BEING MADE AS THE EXAMPLE THEY’LL FOLLOW!!

You won’t get it right. But you’ll get it done. You’ll get it done by grace. When grace fills you with a creative ability and power that says ‘it fell apart as it came together’.

“Faith isn’t always a leap. Sometimes it’s just one little step after another, with lots of falling down and getting back up in between”- Unknown


Nothing fosters confidence like making it through something you’d thought you couldn’t. – Carla Birnberg

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Freedom from portion control


You’ll know how free a person truly is by how free you feel when you’re around them” – Steve Brown  Scandalous Freedom


I’ve discovered I’m distorting my portions. I’m fueling/eating the purpose as if I’m doing the same thing

Last night I read, reread & reread and then read again the chapter in Fervent on praying for your passion.

Initially I had to reread it because I think my mind was all over the place and then I had to reread it because I was crying and couldn’t see the words through my tears and then I had to reread it to actually wrap my brain around it.

What I started to realize is that the attack on our passion isn’t a passion in terms of what we enjoy doing but it’s an attack the passion on the joy in what we’re doing.

Satan’s number one priority is to kill steal and destroy. ABSOLUTELY that includes your joy.

But listen he has no ability to physically take anything from you as a child of God you are protected from him taking anything what he does is he whispers in her ear and tries to convince us that we are not clean we are not redeemed that we have not been sacrificed & surrendered by the blood of Christ.

God’s mercy says NO SATAN you have no power or authority over her.

That mercy is renewed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

To restore your passion recognize that Mercy is the fuel and there’s an abundance of mercy and no condemnation in taking the supply God set aside for you!




Portion Control

Reconciled. Restored. Redeemed.

Surrendered & sacrificed because He thought I was ‘to die for’.

Beyond the muck & mess of our past He calls us clean without condemnation.

“Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean” – Acts 10:15

He leans in, no matter how low we are; Christ reaches out His hand, and breathes on us with a breath of new hope, new strength, new purpose.

But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. (‭Lamentations‬ ‭3‬:‭21-25‬ ESV)

“Another version says I still dare to hope…His faithful love never ends, His mercies never cease…begin afresh each morning” (New Living Translation)


So take a long, deep look at yourself and answer this question: Have you lost your passion? Has your get-up-and-go simply gotten-up-and-gone? Passion is the fuel in the engine of your purpose. It’s your want-to. It’s what keeps you going when mundane tasks bore you or difficult one dissuade you. Passion is what keeps you moving in the direction your best intentions want to go. // #FERVENT 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸


This month we’re breaking down what a common sense balanced approach to healthy living includes.


Spirit, soul and body; passion fuels our purpose.

What is passion?

Passion isn’t limited to the expressive, explosive animation and stage presence.

It’s who you are when the curtain closes.

It’s what compels you to move when fear says it’s impossible.

It’s your heart, soul, mind and strength rooted in the foundation that God has not created you with a purpose of perfection but a purpose of passionate progress.

Passion is the language of your heart.

The heart that knows anger & contentment; anxiety & peace, hurt & healing, addiction & grace, insecurity & identity…

A FIT PASSION is the result of teachability, discipline and application.

The formula for effective FITness is FIT: Frequency. Intention. Time. HOW FIT IS YOUR PASSION?


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#RenewedStrength #ScandalousFreedom #restored #getinneractive

May I, do less

The changes we desire to make in life become increasingly possible when we change the influences around us. What we consume always determines what we become—whether for the good or the bad. – Joshua Becker Becoming Minimalist


Country suit case


Can I ask you what your goals were at the beginning of the year? Actually no, scratch that.

What were your top three goals?

Have you changed those goals?

How? Why?

Did you know that they can change? Yeah, man…

You actually have the freedom to change your goals.

And you know what? A new day, month or year isn’t required for you to decide to change them.

I’m gonna echo Lara Casey again and say there’s nothing magical about January 1st.

Or Monday for that matter.

The only requirement for change is surrender.

Surrender is a decision that simply says where I can’t God can.

Surrender is still fighting the good fight but you find there’s more strength after you lay down your guard.   Not your shield, your guard (aka that wall of defense).


So last week, I surrendered.

On my lunch break, in the parking lot of  Starbucks.

I whispered “God I have no idea what I’m doing and I’ve got these people following behind me that I promised to lead and I don’t even know what my next move is.”

Y’all with tear-filled eyes I sat there numb. Numb & afraid of the admission that I need guidance on my own life (let me clarify that I DO NOT think I have it all figured out); I had somewhat of an epiphany; a realization that I just admitted to the need to have my own life being lead in order to lead someone else; I anxiously waited for His response.

See here’s what happens, there’s a huge vulnerability of identifying our weaknesses but there’s also a fear of being judged if we own our strengths. God is in that. God WANTS to be smack dab in the middle of that. He wants us to surrender that and admit it to Him.

You know what He told me.

“Then stop trying so hard. You just keep doing what you’re doing, with the people I send you and let Me do the rest.”

Surrender is an attitude. An attitude that cultivates a climate of change.

Recently I’ve just wanted to do less. Not in a lazy way, but a decluttering way. An attitude of less, to have less. Good Lord, to worry less. (can I get an amen?)

To, Be less. gasp …

You know what’s AWESOME about that one? There’s no striving, no comparing, no trying so hard to hustle, you just honest to good get to be you in all of your truest creation! It’s liberating.

If I’m going to be more I need to be less. Less really is more when you think about it.

My kids will know me: my crazy heart. my wild dreams. my fierce & fearless faith. – Morgan Day Cecil

The other day I was looking at the calendar and trying to decide how we’d spend summer. I took a deep breath and said “doing absolutely nothing”.

When my kids were really little I would pack our summer days with trips to Chuck E Cheese’s, VBS, camps, playdates and everything I could think of so that no one ever had the chance to scream the words “what are we doing today” or “I’m bored”. What I got they got in return was an exhausted cranky mama.  Now that they’re both teens I’m sure they’d much rather sleep the morning away and wake up somewhere around the middle of the day and just eat. And you know what, some days I’m gonna just let that happen. And I’m also sure that someone will argue that if I don’t keep them busy they will become like other teens who morph into lazylogs and lose their interest in the academic things. I trust we’ll find the balance. I trust God on this one and I trust we’ll find a way to be adventurous.
Change starts in the attitude. 

Change is an attitude that trusts God no matter what.




In the book The Miracle of Life Change Chip Ingrim describes the climate where change happens.

“When God, through His Spirit, wants to teach us how radical life-change occurs, He doesn’t begin with activities. Instead He begins with relationship. Ephesians 4:2-3 outlines the process of this holy transformation: ‘Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace‘. Notice the four key words: HUMBLE, GENTLE, PATIENT AND BEARING. These are cruicial attitudes. This morphing process occurs through our relationships with others and through some very specific responsibilities we must accept in order for change to happen.  Butterflies change in a cocoon. Christians change in a community. Both experience shelter. Both experience struggle.”

Which attitude comes naturally to you? Which one do you find yourself having to put more effort into? Perhaps striving, to ‘get it right’? What’s one change you want to surrender to God?

Owning less is far more beneficial than organizing more – #Simplify (Joshua Becker)

Surrender to the change. Carry the right attitude & put down the suitcases. Lay down your guard.


Today’s Resources:





How many servings of fruits & veggies are you getting everyday? 

Did you know the vibrant colors of fruits and veggies tell us which special disease-fighting, phytonutrients are inside. Color deficiencies in our food choices increase our risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and more.

  • With an SPF of 25-50 Raspberry seed oil can be used as a sunscreen
  • Red fruits and veggies are rich in lycopene, ellagic acid, caffeolyquinic acids, and hydroxybenzoic acids
  • Get more reds in your diet: tomato sauce for veggies, lasagna and pizza; make cranberry bread, snack on watermelon or grapefruit, add raspberries to oatmeal, try cherries with coca powder in a smoothie, chili with tomatoes and chili powder, try red cabbage slaw, homemade tomato soup

*SOURCE: PrecisionNutrition.com/color-chart



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